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3D Particles Just in 3 Lines in Construct 3 + Source Code

3D Particles Just in 3 Lines in Construct 3 + Source Code

Hi guys,

Hope you’re doing well!

Today, I want to instruct an extremely attractive work in Construct3 which can help you so much in-game polish and make it so cool and more 3D. The interesting fact is that all of these works can be done with only 3 lines of codes and a few settings! Most of you have certainly worked with particles in Construct3 before and have noticed that they have fewer tools and options in comparison with Unity. So it makes a lot of limitations for you. But don’t worry! Because this limitation can lead to creativity and makes you think more!

In today’s video, I will teach you how to make a 3D effect by using the z-order change technique and Sprites in the particle.

Also, besides the main subject of the video, you will learn how to use Sine Behaviour for extra moves of elements in the game. I also used the “Rotate” behavior to rotate the particles and today I will make you more familiar with it. By the way, I used “Random” and “Choose” functions for selecting the particles and rotation’s speed which can be so useful for your own projects.

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