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Construct 3 Tween in 9 Minutes + Project File

Construct 3 Tween in 9 Minutes + Project File

Hi guys,

Hope you’re doing well!

Today we are going to talk about one of the most important and fundamental subjects in game making with the Construct 3 game engine. Tween is one of the default behaviors of this engine that can do many tasks for us. If you need to move your coins toward Tally, or if you want to remove your Sprite by a little rotation or by making it bigger, all can be done by Tween.

It may be interesting for you to know that Tween was not available in Construct 2 and we had to use the LiteTween plugin. But I’m happy that Scirra’s team understood this need and added it as native to a project in the new version of Construct game engine.

Although this tool is so functional and strong, working with it is so simple. Anyone who is interested in Construct 3, even without programming knowledge, can understand what Tween is and how it works. In fact, Tween’s task is to make some changes in an object’s features (position, angle, opacity or value) slowly. For example, instead of changing the opacity of a sprite from 0 to 100 at once, it can be done gradually in a second. The users certainly will enjoy this method of changing much more. Because they usually hate immediate tough changes and they feel the game is running roughly.

If I want to talk about other practical subjects that you’ll learn in this video, I should mention:

  • Using angle, color, size, value and position Tweens
  • Using delays in tweens
  • Using Rotate behavior
  • Using Sin & Cos for having tween targets

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