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“DOP 2: Delete One Part” in 8 Minutes (Mask in Construct 3) + Project File

“DOP 2: Delete One Part” in 8 Minutes (Mask in Construct 3) + Project File

Hi guys,

Hope you’re doing well!

Today, I’m here to make another popular game: DOP2: Delete One Part. You may have heard its name or maybe one of the fans. This game is inspired by a simple idea: deleting a part of a picture. You should just delete a part of the picture which you think is surplus in order that it becomes an interesting picture, it sometimes becomes meaningless.

Making this game can be different in any game engine but it’s so easy. Today I’m going to make DOP2: Delete One Part with Construct 3 game engine. I use the Mask technique for making this game, in such a way that I put a sprite to delete a part of another sprite and it makes everything vanish!

I highly recommend you to watch this video. Because after watching it, you will understand how easy it is to make this game and you can make more attractive games with your own ideas.

Besides making the cool game DOP2: Delete One Part, you will learn other subjects that can help you to make any games in the future. Subjects like:

– Masking / Erasing an object

– Using Blend Mode(Destination Out)

– Using Force Own Texture


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