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How to Make a Game Responsive in Construct 3

How to Make a Game Responsive in Construct 3

I hope you’ve seen my previous videos.

Responsive is a concept that was born in the early years of the new century. When several monitors with different ratios and resolutions appeared. Nowadays, this feature is sensible on websites, apps, and games. If you want to present a better product to customers and consequently earn more money you should consider Responsive for your products.

In this tutorial, I’m gonna show you how to make responsive games in Construct 3.

After this tutorial, you can make games that are fully responsive and you can play them in portrait and landscape screens.


What Will I Learn in This Tutorial?

In this video, you will learn how to make a game responsive in Construct 3 games. At the first step, I’ll show you how to repeat the background and then you’ll learn how to move objects to the screen corners. 


Also You Will Learn How to:

  1. Work with viewports
  2. Recognize orientation changes
  3. Change scale based on screen size
  4. Use tile background
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