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Shooter Game Without Coding (Construct 3 for Dummies) + Project Files

Shooter Game Without Coding (Construct 3 for Dummies) + Project Files

Hi guys,

Hope you’re doing well!

Today I’m going to consider the beginners. I mean those who have never worked with Construct3 before and have no experience of coding and programming. Good news for these people! Construct3 game engine needs no knowledge of programming (but if you have the knowledge, you can make bigger projects and your learning speed will increase) and you can easily make a real game by creating Event and Action blocks.

Today I’m going to teach you how to make a simple, interesting game. It only takes 17 minutes of your time. Isn’t that fascinating? Only 17 minutes and then you’re a game maker!

This game is a space shooter game. The story is about a spacecraft lost in space on a wrong path. Then it understands it is stuck in the enemy’s territory and it should escape. The enemy is getting closer from every side. If it can’t kill them, they will attack and destroy it. Also, each time it kills an enemy, the score increases, but if the enemy shoots and its health finishes, it dies.

After a few months working with the Construct3 game engine, when you become professional enough, you can make big amazing games, games like Frontline that our team has developed and has had a great sale. Frontline is a game with Top-Down Shooter and Idle genres and you should merge the fighters and make them bigger to defeat the enemy which is getting bigger constantly. This game has 300 levels and statistically, it’s a popular game with high gameplay time which can be so proper for people who want to impress their audience. Right now this game has been played more than one million times infamous browser game portals and it has 4.5 of 5 stars. 


I used the free version of Construct3 for making this game that everyone can use in their initial projects, but if you need more features you should buy the paid version.

You will learn so many other things about Construct3 by watching this video that can be useful in the future, including:

– Using “Bullet” & “Timer” behaviors

– Using “Mouse” plugin

– Using “angle towards position”

– Using “distance”

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