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How to Make Money from itch.io (Publish Your First Game)

How to Make Money from itch.io (Publish Your First Game)

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Today, I’m not going to talk about making games anymore. Instead, I want to move forward and talk about one of the simple ways of making money from the games you make. Itch.io is a website that has started its work in selling and downloading indie games in 2013. In recent years, it has become one of the greatest sources for game developers all around the world to earn money. This website helps fresh and young game developers to release their games and make income. Also, with millions of users visiting this website every day, developers can receive good feedback. So they can improve their games day to day according to the feedback they get.

Moreover, itch.io is a good source to get familiar with different types of Game Jams. Every day several Game Jams start working on this website. If you are interested in game making, you can take part in them and achieve the award that the host has considered.

This website, unlike CodeCanyon (which gets at least a 30% commission fee), considers no profit for itself and you can receive all the money from your sale, or you can devote an amount of money for itch.io development if you want. According to this website, all the money that customers voluntarily devote to itch.io is spent on the development and ordinary costs of the website, and the founders benefit nothing from that.

Today, I decided to instruct you to send a game to itch.io to know how easy it is to make money in this way. Remember that the more your game is attractive to the users and their reaction is remarkable, the better ranking your game gets and the more users and income you can receive. Also, remember that your game doesn’t stand out just because you have submitted it on the website. You should inform people to come and visit your product from different places as much as you can and after a while, they will share your game and make it stand out more.

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