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Knife Hit Replica in Construct 3 – Part 2

Knife Hit Replica in Construct 3 – Part 2

In this video, I want to instruct you how to make a Replica in the Construct3 game engine from the famous game “Knife Hit”. This game was published by Ketchapp a few years ago. The reason I chose this game is its great popularity even 2-3 years after the release.

This game, with really simple gameplay, perfect hyper-casual feature implementation, and an extraordinary polish has become one of the most memorable games of recent years. Therefore, a large number of various companies and developers have decided to inspire or even copy this game for different markets.

If you are also eager to know how to make a game similar to “Knife Hit” for a website, watch our tutorial video until the last part. In this video, we want to make some initial levels of the game. The rest of it is on your own.

The tutorial video of “Knife Hit Replica in Construct 3” will be in four parts. In the first part, I taught you how to make and rotate the log. In this part, I want to talk about constructing and throwing the knife. Then, in parts 3 and 4 we will talk about Game over and Level Done.

All the assets for the graphics of the game are in a c3p file. You can receive them by sending your Email address by the form below. However, we prefer you make the game with your own graphic design and we can introduce your project to others.

Talking especially about the second part of the instruction, I should say that in this video I initially construct the knife at the bottom of the screen. Then I use Tween Behaviour to throw the knife toward the log and pin it to the log. Finally, I decrease one from the “RemainingKnives” variable.

The prerequisites of this tutorial:

  1. Having a Construct3 account
  2. Basic knowledge of Construct3 game engine
  3. Familiarity with Tween Behaviour
  4. Familiarity with functions in programming


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