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Save & Load System (LocalStorage in Construct 3) + Project File

Save & Load System (LocalStorage in Construct 3) + Project File

Hi guys,

Hope you’re doing well!

Today I want to talk about one of the most important subjects in the game making which is necessary to know about in every game engine. I’m gonna teach you in Construct 3: Save & Load System, which is provided by the practical LocalStorage plugin.

It is important to know this subject because almost every game has the Save & Load System. By having this option in a game, the user’s desired settings will be uploaded after coming back to the game. For example, he shouldn’t turn off the sound if he had turned it off before. Generally, having a Save & Load System can make the user’s experience improve and can increase session length by the user.

Oh! I forgot to say that for simulating this tutorial for you, I will instruct you with a fun old game. “Brick Breaker”, which so many of us were a huge fan of, is redeveloped for you today simply in order to comprehend the concept of Save & Load System completely.

People who follow my tutorials know that I instruct some key subjects besides the main content, which are more interesting than it for some people! In today’s video you will learn these subjects besides Save & Load System:

– Using Local Storage 

– Using Native Save & Load System

– Block Breaker Game


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