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Make A Hyper-Casual Game in 10 Mins + Source Code

Make A Hyper-Casual Game in 10 Mins + Source Code

Hi guys,

Hope you’re doing well!

Today I’m here to make a Hyper-Casual game in approximately 10 minutes for you. It’s obvious that this is not a complete game and we are just making the main mechanics of the game. So it requires so many ideas to add options and polishments to make it a Hit game. But my purpose is to motivate you in a way that if you are enthusiastic about game making, you won’t be afraid of difficulties and create your first game immediately. 

Perhaps most of you don’t know what Hyper-Casual games are and why people talk about them these days so much. If I want to explain more about this game genre, I should say that it contains simplicity, speed, and non-gamers. The highest focus in Hyper-Casual games is doing an action with the least thinking and in the simplest way so that everyone with any talent and intelligence level can do and enjoy it.

In today’s game, I have also considered these rules and I’m going to make a game for you with an easy rule in a way that moves forward only by tapping on the screen. Also, the game is designed endlessly and it can be interesting for you to know how a game can continue infinitely. 

The other technique that I’ve used in this video is camera movement that makes all objects of the game located in the correct place. You may ask why I didn’t move objects to the correct position. I should say that sometimes when we have many objects on the screen, it is much more optimal to move the camera because moving more objects needs more codes, and also it may increase the usage of device resources.

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