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Gold Miner In Construct 3 In 13 Minutes

Gold Miner In Construct 3 In 13 Minutes

How can we make a simple game quickly?
How is it possible to make a game like “Gold Miner” with the Construct 3 game engine so easy, which sounds difficult to make?
How should we add other options to the game like scores and a timer?

Gold Miner In Construct 3 In 13 Minutes + Free Source Code

If you are new to the game making world and you’d like to make a remarkable yet easy game, you should necessarily watch today’s video. So after watching this video you will understand how easy it is!

Furthermore, you can receive the game source code for free. You should just enter your email address. However, if I were you, I would watch the video until the end in order to make the game on my own.

The Gold Miner game is one of the most popular games in the game world, and it doesn’t seem so easy to make. But when we focus more precisely on the game, we understand that the game has easy ways that do not look simple at the beginning.

The game consists of a rope and a lift lever for extracting objects from the soil and rocks which hide precious things inside and you are looking for them. You should achieve a specific score of the level in a particular period of time. Otherwise, you should play the level again.

In this game, you should act cautiously to avoid huge rocks that lower your lift lever speed. Likewise, you should avoid the bombs that reduce your score. We also used small diamonds to make the game more interesting. If the player can find the diamonds it will help him a lot in that level.

After downloading the game source code you will notice that all the facilities and the features that I explained previously today, are possible to change and be personalized. You can make the game easier or harder according to your target audience’s level. This game can be reskinned with different skins and graphics. If you don’t know what “Game Reskin” is, you must read our article about it:


In my Youtube channel, I have many tutorial videos for game making with Construct 3.You can make your Gold Miner game more professional by watching them. For example, if you want to add audio and music to your game you can use this tutorial video:


Or if you want to implement Pause Menu in your game, you can watch “How to implement Pause Menu in Construct 3” video from here:


Don’t forget to send us the games you make. I will select the best ones and introduce them in the next videos.

Send Your Email, Get Source Code

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