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Hex Pipes – Puzzle Game(Reskin)

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    Hex Pipes is a new HTML5 Connection game. This game is an incredibly beautiful reskin of our fun game “Connect Lines”. In this game you have to connect the pipes in the hexagon holes under the ground with the touch so that no point is left unattached. The pipes attach underground in the soil to pump the water up and you will win the level.

    By passing the levels it gets more difficult. This connection game is so amazing and the background design is a beautiful farm. This game can be so interesting to you and the game is so addictive. Also, the colorful pipes are so mesmerizing and you you will be fascinated.

    This HTML5 connection game and “Connection Line” both have been exclusively sold to freegames.org

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    All the assets of Hex Pipes are designed with DoonDookStudio including graphic design and music.

    This game is made with Construct2, and we have reskinned “Connection” with beautiful graphics and new theme. We can reskin all our games according to your opinions and suggestions. You can use our games for publishing, online game campaigns or your website. We can reskin the game (theme, graphics, music, characters, etc.) according to your requirements and orders. Also, We can implement your brand logo, API, AdMob and AdSense, your links, etc. in our games.

    If you want to know more about what game reskin is and also how we reskin our games visit Our Article about Game Reskin

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    Additional Information
    • Age rating: 7 and Up
    • Game Mode: Single-Player
    • Exports to Android, iOS, etc.
    • AdSense
    • AdMob
    • Category: Connection
    • Game Engine: Construct 2

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