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Hippo Pizza Chef – HTML5 Puzzle Game

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    Hippo Pizza chef is a fun HTML5 puzzle game designed by us. This game is a successful reskin of our previous game “Slices”.

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    If you are interested in cooking delicious pizzas, Hippo Pizza Chef helps you to do that. Because Hippo falls in love with pizza.

    Hippo pizza chef is a puzzle HTML5 game. And you should mix different types of pizza based on pattern given to you on each level.

    Also, one of the best parts of this puzzle game is its shop that you can buy almost everything to customize the game decoration. You can decorate Hippo’s kitchen and dishes in an amazing shop that has very kinds of items to beautify.

    These are some of fun features added to this game:

    1. Spatula: This feature pushes pizza slices to one side that was useful more than we thought.
    2. Rotate: Rotates the whole central pizza.
    3. Random: Changes pizza slices position on every dish randomly.
    4. Cutter: Divides the central pizza slice into smaller slices.
    5. Pepper: That clears a dish of pizza.
    6. Potion: That changes pizza color on a dish.

    The graphic design of this puzzle game is very cool. Also, this game is so funny for kids.

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    • Feature:
      • Age Rating: 5 and Up
      • Responsibility: Full Responsive
      • Game Mode: Single-Player
      • Controls: Mouse / Touch
      • Game Engine: Construct 2 / Construct 3
      • Levels: 22
      • Impressions: Cutter, Shuffle, Rotate, Spatula, Pepper, Potion

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