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Pattern – HTML5 Pattern Game

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    Pattern is a new HTML5 pattern game and is suitable for creative gamers!

    In this game you should join the wires by changing the place of screws or add more screws and make the exact given pattern.

    But you should use your brain and also Increase your creativity!

    In this pattern game, by passing the levels the pattern gets more complex. So you should be more careful.

    You will have the ability to return a move to the previous form and try that again.

    The graphics of this game is fascinating and a brown wooden board is designed. So all the screws and wires are on the board.

    Game Source Code is completely available on our store.

    By purchasing this game you get construct 3 source code (c3p) and 6 months of support and after buying the game you can implement your own brand logo and links.
    All the assets of DD Pattern are designed with DoonDookStudio including graphic design and music.

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    Additional Information:

    • Age Rating: 5 and Up
    • Responsibility: Portrait
    • Controls: Mouse / Touch
    • Game Engine: construct 2 / construct 3