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Words Family_Html5 Word Puzzle Game

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    Words Family is a fun and entertaining word puzzle game that can increase your information and knowledge.

    In this HTML5 game, you should guess the words with the letters in the puzzle board and match them. You should put the letters in the correct order on the puzzle board. The puzzle board should be filled completely and the words that you make should be correct and  meaningful. Solve the puzzle and go to the next level!! It gets harder when you go to the next levels! So be careful and creative!

    This HTML5 game Suitable for Creative game-lovers! So don’t miss it!

    Game Source Code is completely available on our store.

    By purchasing this word puzzle game you get construct 3 source code (c3p) and 6 months of support and after buying the game you can implement your own brand logo and links.
    All the assets of Words Family are designed with DoonDookStudio including graphic design and music.

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    Additional Information:

    • Age Rating: 12 and Up
    • Responsibility: Portrait
    • Game Mode: Single-Player
    • Controls: Mouse / Touch
    • Game Engine: construct 2 / construct 3