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Make A Quiz Game in 15 Minutes + Source Code

Make A Quiz Game in 15 Minutes + Source Code

Hi guys,

Hope you’re doing well!

Today I’m here again with another fun video! I found out you are very interested in videos that contain lots of information in the shortest time by the feedback I received from the previous tutorial. So I tried to follow this method. This time I’ll help you with making a Quiz in Construct 3.

I don’t know if we should count Quizzes as games, because they make the user solve a riddle and he can win or lose, or not as games, because of the absence of movement and polish. You may agree that quizzes aren’t games, but you can’t ignore the fact that we need the user’s answer to the questions about personal or general issues, or the riddles. But whatever a quiz is, the Construct 3 engine can implement it and it’s better that we learn it immediately and don’t be scared to use it in our games if required!

A quiz is made of some questions and some correct or wrong answers that the user should answer a specified number of them correctly. As the user clicks on an option, the game tells him if the answer was correct at the same time and shows the way to the next question. Finally, the user’s score will be shown.

Making a Quiz seems so simple and today we will show you practically how you can make the initial version only in minutes. 

Today, besides making this game, you will learn some other subjects in Construct3 like:

  • JSON 
  • AJAX for loading JSON of the questions 
  • “TokenAt” for separating answers to a question 
  • Using web fonts
  • Using Tween for counting the result percentage

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