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Shop System In Construct 3

Shop System In Construct 3

What is a Shop System? What are the advantages of using it in your game?

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a small Shop System in the Construct 3 game engine.



A Shop System in your game can make it more attractive and strengthen the interaction between the players. Consequently, Shop System can increase the time a user spends on your game. Likewise, one of the advantages of the shop System is that you can use specific strategies by this facility in order to make a profit. Your strategy may be receiving money from the clients directly or showing them Ads. It doesn’t matter which method you use. The important thing is this that a store can be an interesting item in your game that you can both entertain users (by upgrading equipment) and earn money.


In this tutorial, I try to instruct how to make a small Shop System in the Construct 3 game engine. Your game player can buy a random product from the shop. If he has enough coins, he can buy easily. Otherwise, he can collect 200 coins by watching ads if he doesn’t have enough. I added a timer on the “show advertisement” button to prevent overusing this facility. However, I explained how to implement AdMob in Construct3 in previous videos and you can watch them from here:


In this shop system that you’re going to watch how to make, you will be able to add infinite products into the shop by scrolling in a way that users can easily move between them. Also, all the options in the Shop System file are changeable. So you can personalize the number of initial coins, timer duration, number of products, and the number of received coins after watching ads.

Due to the fact that this project is made with the Construct 3 game engine, you can easily export your games on Android and iOS.


These issues are implemented in the project source code, too:

  1. Possibility to scroll on the screen
  2. Using mask elements
  3. AdMob Advertisement
  4. Increasing user’s coin after watching ads


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