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Swipe Detection in Construct 3 + Project File

Swipe Detection in Construct 3 + Project File

Hi guys,

Hope you’re doing well!

Today I’m here again with a functional and simple trick in Construct 3 called Swipe Detection. In mobile games that the user does all the things by swiping his finger on the screen, it’s really important to understand what the user wants to do and how he wants to do that. In today’s video I’m going to tell you how to understand which direction the user wants to point and move the character, or which side of the game he wants something to happen.

If I want to talk more technically, I should say that I save the start position when the user touches an object and when he swipes his finger, I distinguish the angle of his movement to the last point ( touch) with the Construct function, and I pick the next square in the pointed direction. This work can be easily done for hexagons or other shapes too.

If I want to speak of other subjects you will learn during this video, I should mention:

  • Detecting swipe for square, hexagon or any other shapes
  • Using “Pick overlapping point” for picking next object
  • Using sin & cos for picking the next object in an easy way


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