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Word Connect Game in 12 Minutes + Project File!!!

Word Connect Game in 12 Minutes + Project File!!!

Hi guys,

Hope you’re doing well!

Today, I’m gonna show you how to make a word connect game in Construct 3 with the help of incredible Js codes of “Hassan Hamidi Ghamar”. In this word connect game we have a crossword that should be filled by specific words, the words are made on a circle of letters that the player can play with. Once the player drags his finger on the letters a new word is made and if it is a true and expected word it will be placed on the crossword.

Also, after watching this tutorial you will learn very useful and awesome features and tricks that can help you make other games. Things like:

  • Auto crossword generator
  • Shuffling strings using arrays
  • Getting return in functions
  • Drawing line with TiledBackground
  • Making background responsive
  • Using Dictionary for getting color values
  • Using VallerypopoffJs plugin for loading external Javascript file
  • Calling a C3 function from the Js file
  • Calling a Js function from the C3 file


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