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Interactive Web Games for Kids:
An Amazing Experience of Fun & Learning!

Gift your younger users the perfect combination of creativity, fun, and education! From alphabet to coloring, even custom game developement, DDS has it all!

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“It’s been great working with the DDS team. They were super skilled & receptive to our feedback.” Anca Tamas, CPO at Digitap

Games for Learning Purposes:

  • Top-quality games aligned with market trends & users' tastes.
  • Assured engagement with educational value.
  • Diverse game genres for developing different skills.
  • Compatibility with all devices & platforms.
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Kid-friendly Gameplay

Children's games should be designed in a way that allows them to easily connect with gameplay. We consider the following features when implementing games for kids

  • Tutorial Included
  • Balanced Difficulty
  • Various Challenges for Different Skills
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UI/UX Designed with Kids in Mind

The UI (User Interface) is the first thing that the audience encounters and interacts with throughout the game. In children's games, the UI should be designed in a way that allows kids to interact with the game without it being tiresome, confusing, or unclear.

  • Cheerful Music
  • Clear Elements
  • Less Texts, More Visuals
  • Colorful, Happy Design

Prioritizing Children’s Safety

We are familiar with educational organizations and institutions’ target audience. Families want to ensure that their children have healthy entertainment, engage in appropriate games, and simultaneously develop their skills.

  • Healthy Entertainment for Children
  • HQ Games Designed to Enhance Skills and Abilities
  • Strengthen Cognitive Skills Through Interactive Gameplay
  • A Safe Gaming Environment With No Violence, Nudity, or Profanity Language
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Comprehensive Support & Services

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Brands Who Trusted Us

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“DoonDookStudio is one of the best HTML5 games developers out there, and their price is very competitive.”
Ankit M

Business Development Manager at Y8

“I've been purchasing HTML5 game licenses from DoonDookStudio for well over two years now; they always create high-quality games and are extremely easy to work with.”
Dom Bruno

Founder of Lagged

“DoonDookStudio, I think, is one of the best partners you could find when looking for game developers; they always help us achieve the best and deliver in time with a huge problem-solving knowledge.”
Niccolo Galeazzo

Senior Project Manager at Heaven Media

“It’s been great working with the DDS team. They were super skilled & receptive to our feedback. Even though the first version we got had a few bugs, the team was super responsive & quick to fix them”
Anca Tamas

CPO at Digitap

“Communication was easy, game development was carried out according to our requirements, and DDS was delivered on time. We would like to thank the entire team and look forward to working together again in the future.”
Fernando Oliveira

Co-founder of 7Games