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90 HTML5 Game Licenses

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Why You Need These Games?

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Who Is the Games Suitable For?

Impressing visitors with high-quality and entertaining content is vital for a website's success. These days, this includes web games. If you’re from the list below, don’t hesitate to have some really good games that helps you reach your goals(read: earn more money!).

  • Publishers who want to update their portal with popular exciting games for a long time.
  • People who want to run a new game portal with little money.
  • Apps/websites that have game or entertainment section that needs games with exciting mechanics and high engagement rates to earn more.

What You Will Get

There are what DoonDookStudio will give you after the purchase:

By purchasing this bundle, you will have 90 high quality HTML5 games with their source files. All the games are available for editing.

By purchasing this bundle, You will get 6 months free support from DoonDookStudio. The support includes all fixes for possible technical issues and bugs.

By purchasing this bundle, You are allowed to publish the games in 1 domains/apps; not more!

Available Only for a Limited Time!

What Our Customers Say

DoonDookStudio has been designing and developing web and mobile games for about 4 years and has created more than 120 copies of popular games in various categories, which are welcomed by most professional international publishers.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are the most asked questions about the bundle:

It includes 90 HTML5 games with their source file + 6 months support.

For some customizations like reskin, adding leaderboard , SDK, lead generation , or other requests, feel free to contact us. We will provide a custom price quote.

Yes, the bundle includes .capx / .c3p source file for all games.

Yes you can export for Android / iOS operating systems.

All games made with Construct 2 & Construct 3.

You can use this license for:
    ● integrate the product in one app or one website domain only.
    ● you can distribute the product only as binary (distributing the source code/source file is forbidden).
    ● you can make a commercial use of the product.
    ● you can further develop or edit the code.