About Us

Founded in 2018, we are a creative and agile company that designs and publishes HTML5 and Mobile games. After five years of hard work, DoonDookStudio has become a top-tier HTML5 game store. We currently have more than 130 HTML5 games available for game platforms and portals, which continues to grow. Therefore, there is always a new game available in our store.

Our Expertise

Our expertise is creating, developing, and distributing high-quality HTML5 games appropriate for online gaming portals and NFT platforms in various genres and gameplays. When choosing the upcoming games, we at DoonDookStudio always analyze market trends and your audience’s preferences.

Our History

  1. Beginning with Envato (CodeCanyon), we created and published more than 40 games on this platform (2018).
  2. Creating and managing a marketplace to distribute HTML5 game licenses (2019).
  3. Collaborating with HTML5 game producers like Famobi and Armor Games to create several exclusive games for their target market (2019).
  4. Developing HTML5 multiplayer games for the Avagames-owned project Bazinga (2020).
  5. Creating and presenting the content publishers require to overcome their challenges with HTML5 game release (2022).

Our Mission

We have nearly five years of expertise in the game development industry and working with game publishers, making us well-equipped to help them with the day-to-day difficulties they have regarding HTML5 games and to help them grow their businesses through:

  • Developing top-notch games to release on NFT and game portals.
  • Offering free advice on how to buy and present the games.
  • Creating and sharing content about effective licensing and game publishing techniques.

Our Vision

DoonDookStudio’s goal is to become a globally known provider of game licenses and HTML5 game services to suit the needs of all game portals and NFT platforms in terms of supplying and using relevant games for their audiences as well as enhancing the productivity of these businesses.

Our Team