1- What Are HTML5 Games?

HTML5 games are games created with HTML5 technology and playable in browsers and mobile applications. Therefore, these games are compatible with all devices and operating systems.

The presence of such features in HTML5 games has steadily increased their popularity and made them essential for increasing user engagement and loyalty on all types of popular websites and applications.


2- What Is the Primary Focus of DoonDookStudio?

DoonDookStudio is a company that provides HTML5 game licenses and services to web game portals, P2E platforms, and VAS providers.

Businesses that want to improve user engagement, loyalty, and ROI, such as popular apps and websites, airlines, and so on, are among our main customers.

Read the article What We Do for detailed information on our services.


3- How Many New Games DoonDookStudio Adds to the Store Every Month?

Two games. Our primary focus is to strike a balance between increasing the number of games and improving their quality. Our magic number in this equation is two games per month.




1- Can I Resell the Game Files I Purchased?



2- How Long Is the Purchased License Valid Before It Expires? Do License Renewals Occur Monthly or Annually?

All licenses offered by DoonDookStudio are permanent and do not require renewal.


3- How Many Products Can the Purchased License Be Used For?

Each standard license is only valid for one product (app or website). To add more game publishing platforms and other additional features, you must obtain a custom license.


4- My Portal Has Both a Website and a Mobile App. If I Purchase a License, Can I Put the Game I Bought on Both?

No. You’ll require a custom license to increase the number of game publishing platforms and other additional features. You can use only one of them to publish the game.


5- What Should I Do if I Require a Game for Multiple Portals?

You need to purchase a custom license to increase the number of game publishing platforms and other additional features.


6- What Privileges Will I Have Under the Exclusive License?

You’ll have complete discretion. You are the sole owner of the game and have the right to publish or sell it in any way and as many times as you wish.





1- What Are HTML5 Game Services?

DoonDookStudio offers a variety of solutions to help you use HTML5 games for your business.

For example, you may want to customize the game for Indian users and add visual elements from their culture. DoonDookStudio’s team can get the job done within a few days using the Localization service.

In fact, we offer a full range of services to meet all of our client’s needs:




  • API/SDK Implementation Service: Integrating your prepared API/SDK into the games you’ve already bought to connect to your servers for signing up, user information registration, ad playback, etc.



  • Ad Services: Incorporating different advertising services into the game to generate revenue.


To learn more about DoonDookStudio’s services, we recommend reading the What We Do article.


2- When Buying Games, Do I Have to Buy the Services Too?

No. The services are designed to facilitate game compatibility with your business and platform. Using them can significantly speed up the game release process. However, if your team can do that, there’s no need to buy services from us.


3- Can I Incorporate My Business’s Logo or Brand into the Games?

Yes. It can be carried out swiftly using DoonDookStudio’s White Label service.


4- I Need a Service that is Not Available on DoonDookStudio’s List of Services. What Should I Do?

All you have to do is to let us know what you require. We will do it if it is within our team’s ability.

Also, we may do market research and assess customers’ needs. If the outcome deems positive, our team may add that to our list of services, allowing future customers to benefit from the new service.


5- Can you Include My Unique Platform-specific API/SDK in the Games I Purchase from Your Studio?

Yes. With API/SDK implementation service, we will integrate them into your games after we receive and review your API/SDK documentation.


6- I Want to Place the Games I Purchased on Facebook Instant Games. Can You Do This for Me?

Yes. With the Facebook Instant Games service, we’ll be there for you at every stage. E.g., suggesting which games to feature and helping you upload them to your Facebook account.


7- Can I Rent Your Game’s Licenses?

No. At the moment, DoonDookStudio does not offer this service.


8- Can I Use Your Game’s Licenses in Revenue Share?

Please get in touch with us using the contact form and let us know about your platform.

After reviewing the platform, we’ll inform you about the possibility of a revenue-sharing arrangement.




1- Does Your Store Also Sell Games Made With Unity and Flash?



2- What Game Engine Is Used to Make DoonDookStudio’s Games?

All of our games since the beginning of 2021 have been created using the Construct 3 engine. We’ve also made some of our earlier games using Construct 2.


3- What’s the Size of DoonDookStudio’s HTML5 Games?

Our games are between 1 and 30 MB (usually under 5 MB).


4- Can DoonDookStudio Serve as a Host for My Games?

No. We don’t offer any hosting or backend services for games. Read the What We Do article to learn more about DoonDookStudio’s services.


Purchasing Tips


1- What Is a Bundle, and What Are Its Advantages?

Bundles are collections of carefully chosen games suitable for various customers and are offered at a significantly lower price.

For further info on bundles, we suggest reading the HTML5 games bundle article on DoonDookStudio’s blog.

2- What Discounts Can I get on Bulk Purchases?

Depending on the volume of your purchase, you can get a discount between 5% to 20% discount. Below are our discount rates:

  • 5% discount for purchases over $5000
  • 15% discount for purchases over $10000
  • 20% discount for purchases over $20000

3- How Should I Pay for Games and Services License Fees?

Upon receiving the payment, we will send the game, and once you click the download link, you will have instant access to the game’s files.

In terms of the services, the technical team begins working on integrating your preferred services after we receive the first 30% of the contract sum. After we send the trial version and obtain your approval, we will receive the remaining 70% and send you the files.


4- What Will I Receive Upon Purchasing the Game?

You’ll receive the game files and icon ready to upload on your platform.


5- Where Should I Begin if I Want to Purchase a Game?

Visit the Buy HTML5 Games page and fill out the form. Our sales executives will get in touch with you shortly.

Our team will also provide comprehensive advice on the game’s purchase and the services you may require.


6- Can I Make Changes to the Game After Purchasing It?

DoonDookStudio’s HTML5 game services are all-inclusive and meet your needs. You can confidently let us know if you want to make any necessary changes rather than doing it yourself.

However, for various reasons, some of our customers want to change/edit the game on their own. If that’s the case, you can contact us.


7- How Will the Game Files Be Delivered to Me?

We share the game files in your Google Drive account. However, if you want, we can use other platforms to share them.


8- Can I Request a Refund After Purchasing the License?

No. Once we send you the game files, you can’t request a refund.

That’s because you can play the game without any restrictions before purchasing.

Also, DoonDookStudio’s blog offers in-depth explanations of the license’s legal aspects, purchasing tips, the product’s features, the level of access, and how to use it. Therefore, we advise you to contact us before making a purchase so that our experts can assist you in choosing a proper game.

However, if you encounter any unexpected issue with the game, our 6-month support guarantees a 100% flawless game performance.


9- Once I’ve Made the Payment, How Soon Will I Receive the Game File?

You will receive the game files intact and instantly following payment.

However, we will inform you of the estimated completion date if you need additional services for the games.


10- How Much Does It Cost to White Label a Game?

That would be 20% of the game’s price.

For example, the white label cost of a $1,000 game is $1200.


11- Can Others Purchase the Same Game I Purchased From DoonDookStudio’s Store?

In non-exclusive licenses, yes.


12- Which Payment Methods Are Accepted by DoonDookStudio?

  • PayPal
  • Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Tether, etc.)
  • IBAN


13- What Is the Difference Between Exclusive and Non-exclusive Licenses?

We’ll explain it in more detail in another document.




1- What Does Support Include?

Free six-month game support that includes bug fixes and minor adjustments. However, if you need extensive modifications, fees will be charged.


2- Is It Possible to Extend My Support Beyond the Initial Six Months?

Yes. You can use DoonDookStudio’s support services for an additional six months by paying only 30% of the game’s license price.




1- What Should I Do to Order a Game?

After writing and completing the GDD, you can contact us via the form on our contact page. Our experts will inform you of the project’s duration and cost upon receiving and reviewing the document.

If you’ve never written GDD or don’t know what it is, read the XXX article.


2- Can I Ask DoonDookStudio to Customize and Fix Issues With Games Created by Other Developers?



3- Will I Have Exclusive Ownership of the Game I Commissioned?





1- Who Makes the Game and Its Assets?

Most of the game assets are created/designed by DoonDookStudio’s team. In some cases, however, we use pre-made assets which are entirely legal.


2- Who owns the Intellectual Property Rights after a Game Is Purchased?



3- Are DoonDookStudio’s Games and Assets Made in Accordance With Copyright Laws?

DoonDookStudio’s games and assets are all made in accordance with copyright laws.