• What is a Non-exclusive license?

    Our default license is non-exclusive, suitable for our customers. It permits you to publish the games on one project, domain, or app. Please note that this license is solely for publishing to end users and does not cover the sales of any version of the games or derivatives thereof

  • Can I publish the games on several portals or projects?

    Yes, of course. However, it's imperative to have an unlimited license in place to facilitate multiple publications of the games. Check out the details list: Games Details

  • Is the non-exclusive license unlimited?

    Yes, indeed. This entails a one-time payment.

  • My portal has both a website and a mobile app. If I purchase a license, can I put the game I bought on both?

    No, you will need a custom license to expand the number of game publishing platforms and access additional features. Only one license can be used for publishing the game.

  • Can I rent your games?

    No, currently DoonDookStudio does not provide this service. Our licenses are unlimited and entail a one-time payment.

  • What is the difference between an exclusive and non-exclusive license?

    With an exclusive license, you have full ownership of the game and the ability to sell any derived versions. However, once you've purchased an exclusive license, you are not permitted to sell the game to anyone else

  • Is source code included in the non-exclusive license?

    Typically, our customers do not require the source code, as we provide them with a ready-to-publish version of the game.

  • Can we publish the games on the FB Instant Platform with a Non-exclusive license?

    No, you need to acquire an FB Instant license for the game.

  • What’s the difference between the FB Instant license and the Non-exclusive license?

    Each game in our store is issued with one FB Instant License. Once you acquire the FB license, we must revoke access to selling this license, as Facebook prohibits the publishing of duplicated games.

  • Why is the FB Instant license price high?

    When a game receives qualitative approval for publication with an FB Instant License, it gains exposure to millions of users, exceeding 30 million in number. The value of such exposure is substantial. To substantiate this claim, please refer to the provided case study: https://doondook.studio/fb-service-case-study-sand-sort-puzzle/ And also, after your purchasing we remove fb license of your game from our store. This license belong to you exclusively.

  • Can we add our logo to the games?

    Certainly, you will require our White-Label service. With this service, we can incorporate your logo and brand into the games.

  • We need to change the theme and colors in a special game. Is it possible?

    Yes, indeed. We are able to reskin the game for specific purposes such as branding.

  • What about Adsense and Admob? Can you implement Adsense/admob for us?

    Yes, you need to provide us with details about your Adsense service.

  • We have a portal with ad monetization and need to integrate our API/SDK with your games. How can we handle it?

    Most of our customers require API integration, which we can handle for you. Please forward your API documentation to proceed.

  • What happens if FB doesn’t confirm my purchased game?

    You have the option to request a license refund, and we will process the repayment accordingly

  • I need a service that is not available on DoonDookStudio’s list of services. What should I do?

    All we need is for you to communicate your requirements, and we will strive to fulfill them to the best of our ability. Additionally, we may conduct market research and evaluate customers' needs. If the results are favorable, our team may incorporate those findings into our list of services, thereby enabling future customers to take advantage of the new offering.

  • How can we cooperate with you as a Revenue-Share model?

    If you possess a substantial user base and your monetization approach aligns with our affordability criteria, we are open to collaborating under a revenue-sharing model. Kindly provide us with a document outlining the details of your revenue-sharing model, monetization strategy, and user base.

  • Can DoonDookStudio Serve as a Host for My Games?

    We do not provide any hosting or backend services for games. Please refer to the "What We Do" article to gain a better understanding of DoonDookStudio's services.

  • Do you provide analytics and reporting tools for tracking game performance and user engagement?

    Indeed, we utilize third-party services such as GameAnalytics to provide analytics and reporting tools aimed at assisting you in tracking essential metrics like player retention, engagement, monetization, and user feedback. These insights play a crucial role in informing your decision-making process and optimizing the performance and profitability of your games.

  • I want to launch a gaming portal, and I have budget limitations. What’s your suggestion?

    We have curated two bundles specifically tailored for new game portals, designed to meet their requirements and interests at affordable prices: I. Economic Bundle: Includes 30 games offered at an 80% discount. II. Starter Bundle: Comprises 50 games available at a 40% discount.

  • I need more games. Do you have suggestions for bulk orders?

    Depending on the volume of your purchase, you are eligible for a discount ranging from 5% to 20%. Below are the discount rates based on purchase amounts:

    • 5% discount for purchases over $5000
    • 15% discount for purchases over $10000
    • 20% discount for purchases over $20000

  • How much is the price for FB Instant SDK?

    Certainly, the Facebook SDK offers various options, and before providing an estimate for time and cost, we need to understand your specific requirements in detail.

  • I need to put my logo in the game. How much is the white-label price?

    The white-label cost would be 25% of the non-exclusive price. For instance, for a $1,000 game, the white-label cost would amount to $1250.

  • What platforms are your games compatible with?

    Our HTML5 games are meticulously crafted to ensure compatibility across all devices and operating systems, encompassing desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

  • Can we customize game features, such as levels, characters, or gameplay?

    Certainly! We fully acknowledge the significance of customization to align with your unique needs. Our dedicated team is poised to collaborate closely with you, ensuring that the game features, levels, characters, and gameplay mechanics are precisely tailored to your preferences.

  • Are your games optimized for performance and loading times?

    Absolutely! Optimization is a top priority for us to guarantee smooth performance and swift loading times across all our games. We implement industry-leading practices to optimize graphics, code, and assets, ensuring an exceptional gaming experience across various devices and network conditions.

  • Do you provide ongoing support and updates for the games post-launch?

    Yes. We provide continuous technical support and updates for our games to uphold their relevance, security, and compatibility with advancing technologies and platforms. Our dedicated team remains steadfast in offering timely assistance and resolving any issues that may surface after the game's launch.

  • Can we monetize the games through advertising or in-app purchases?

    Sure. Our games are engineered to support a diverse range of monetization strategies, encompassing advertising, in-app purchases, sponsorships, and subscriptions. We are poised to collaborate with you in implementing monetization solutions that seamlessly align with your business goals and revenue objectives.

  • What is the typical turnaround time for developing and launching a customized game project?

    The turnaround time for each project may vary based on factors such as complexity, scope, and customization needs. Rest assured, our team will collaborate closely with you to establish realistic timelines and milestones, ensuring timely delivery while upholding the highest standards of quality.

  • Do you have any games made with Unity and Flash?

    All of our games since the beginning of 2021 have been developed using the Construct 3 engine. Additionally, some of our earlier games were created using Construct 2.

  • How can I publish a web game on my website/portal?

    You can check out this document, and after that, if you have any issues, you can connect with our tech team, who can help you publish an HTML5 game on your site.

  • How can we start our project and customize a game for us?

    Our technical team collaborates closely with yours to advance your project. We strive to customize and tailor the products according to your specifications and preferences.

  • What happens if my purchased game has problems or bugs?

    No need to worry. We will address any potential bugs in the games promptly.

  • How long can I expect for support?

    All games come with a 6-month support period for addressing potential bugs and implementing minor changes. Following this period, you have the option to extend the support as needed.

  • I need a special game that I can’t find it on your store. How can I have it?

    We are fully equipped to develop customized games tailored to your needs. Simply reach out to us and provide any relevant documentation, samples, or a Game Design Document (GDD), and we'll take it from there.