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DD Mr Gun – HTML5 Shooter Game

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Engine: Construct 3
Orientation: Portrait
Play Mode: Mouse, Touch

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Special Hyper-Casual Game With High User-Engagement!

You feel the need to kill someone, but stop! With our new shooter game “Mr Gun,” you can kill ANYONE, even your boss!
DD Mr Gun is an addictive arcade casual shooter game that lets you blow off some steam.
In this game, if you get more coins and pass levels, you can buy a bunch of different guns and outfits.
There is a boss at the end of each level, and you must defeat him to continue. As you advance to the next level, you’ll face fresh enemies and a fresh boss!
When you kill someone with a headshot, you’ll hear the headshot announce.
Buying this game gives you access to the game’s construct 3 source code (c3p) and 6 months of support. After purchasing the game, you can add your brand’s logo and links.
All of the DD Mr.Gun’s components, including the visuals, gameplay, and soundtrack, were designed by DoonDookStudio.
Have fun with this new shooting game!
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  • Age Rating: 4+
  • Size: 2.1 MB
  • Addictive shooter game
  • Fun and quick gameplay
  • Discover multiple bosses in every level
  • Shop with lots of outfits and guns

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