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The Power of Mental Health Games – Benefits and Top Gameplays

Oct 10 2023
Pooyan Mp
Content Writer

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The Power of Mental Health Games – Benefits and Top Gameplays

Oct 10 2023
Pooyan Mp
Content Writer

Games for mental well-being have become a new kind of comfort in a rapidly evolving environment where the strains of daily life frequently have a harmful impact on our mental health.

These games have the potential not only to entertain but also to enhance well-being and improve cognitive capacities.

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According to a study by Microsoft, 84% of respondents agreed that gaming has positively impacted their mental health over the past year, while 71% said gaming helped them feel less isolated.

Another study by WebMD states that video games can increase brain stimulation, a sense of accomplishment, and emotional resilience, as well as speed up mental health recovery and improve social connections.

If you’re a gaming portal manager or a game publisher who cares about the well-being of your audience or are already working in the mental health business, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, I’ll discuss the many benefits of providing mentally healthy games to your audience, as well as the various sorts of mentally beneficial gameplays that may help enhance their mental health.

Table of Contents:

What Benefits Do Mental Health Hold for Businesses?

In the fast-moving world of gaming, being creative and keeping players engaged is key to achieving success.

As a company looking to provide games, it’s crucial to understand the advantages of incorporating mental health games into your product lineup.

Here are a few benefits that businesses can enjoy by including mental health games in their portfolio:


Address a Growing Need

Society’s perceptions about mental health have seen a significant shift in recent years.

Nowadays, life has more issues, which makes people of all ages and backgrounds more stressed and worried about their mental health. This has made more people talk about their mental health and prioritize self-care, and it has also helped get rid of the shame that surrounds mental health.

Because of that, there is a growing need for mental health resources and support systems that are easy to get to.

People are actively pursuing mental health treatments that address both their physical and mental well-being.

By providing mental health games, gaming portals, and publishers can meet this growing demand.


A User-centric Approach

Addressing the demand for mental well-being through gaming is more than just capitalizing on a fad; it is about putting your users’ wants and worries at the forefront of your content strategy.

People today want more than just entertainment. They are constantly searching for ways to deal with anxiety, stress, and all the other problems associated with modern life.

By providing mental health games, you demonstrate an awareness of their requirements and a dedication to providing a more comprehensive gaming experience.


Enhance User Engagement and Retention

Ensuring user engagement and retention is of utmost importance for the sustained success of gaming portals and publishing platforms. Introducing mental health games to your range of offerings can substantially bolster the following crucial aspects of your business:

  • Deeper Engagement – These games usually feature compelling stories and difficulties that demand careful involvement. As players get immersed in such experiences, they’ll be more likely to stay on your platform for longer.
  • Longer Play Sessions – Mental health games aren’t like regular games, which people may play for short periods of time for fun. Instead, they tend to encourage longer play sessions.
  • Emotional Connection – These games have the ability to develop strong emotional bonds with players, whether it is through meditative gameplay or compelling stories. Having an emotional connection with your audience can foster loyalty and platform loyalty.

Making a Socially Conscious Choice

Adding games that encourage positive mental health to your platform is a brilliant idea. By doing so, you’ll portray your platform as more than just a source of entertainment; it becomes a space that meets the audience’s cognitive demands.

This alignment is both relevant and clever because it addresses a growing and socially conscious market demand.

By providing games that meet these criteria, you enable users to interact with your platform in a way that enriches their lives. Your platform not only meets expanding demand but also considerably enhances your audience’s mental health and overall well-being.


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Diversifying Your Content Portfolio

Much like the whole gaming industry, your audience’s requirements and tastes are always changing. People are actively looking for techniques to manage their stress, anxiety, and overall emotional wellness in today’s environment, where mental health awareness is growing.

Mental health games are perfectly adapted to this evolving demand, presenting your platform as more than just an entertainment destination but also a haven for self-improvement and mental endurance.

Exploring Different Types of Gameplays for Mental Health

Not all video games have a beneficial effect on players’ mental health. Games that feature intense gameplay and high levels of adrenaline are actually not beneficial for preserving mental wellness.

The genres and gameplays that can prove beneficial for mental well-being are as follows:


Puzzle Games for Mental Health – Unlocking Mental Agility

Puzzle games are well-known for their positive impact on mental fitness.

Not only are they fun, but they’re also great for improving thinking skills. This makes them necessary for gamers and anyone else who wants to improve their cognitive abilities.

When it comes to puzzle games, our studio has done a great job with a diverse selection of over 50 engaging and intellectually rewarding puzzle games.

At our store, you’ll find classics like Tetris (Tetra Block) and 2048, along with Memory Match and Sand Sort, designed to provide a stimulating mental challenge for your players.

Relaxation and Meditation Games – Finding Serenity in Game Worlds

In a fast-paced world filled with stress and anxiety, relaxation and meditation games offer a soothing respite.

Users can unwind, reduce stress, and improve their emotional well-being by playing these games.

Journey as a mental health game

Example: “Journey” is an enchanting game that encourages relaxation and introspection. Players embark on a serene pilgrimage through a beautiful desert landscape, fostering a sense of calm and inner peace.

According to Mobidictum, Journey is not just a game; it’s an emotional experience. The bond formed with anonymous players and the challenges faced together create a unique narrative about companionship and personal growth.

Social Connection through Multiplayer Games – Combatting Loneliness, One Connection at a Time

The power of social interaction cannot be overstated, even in the gaming realm. Multiplayer games offer more than just competition; they provide a platform for forging connections and combating loneliness.

Among us

Example: “Among Us” is a popular multiplayer game that encourages teamwork and social interaction. Players work together to uncover imposters among their crew, fostering communication and collaboration.


Due to its social gameplay, this game can quickly turn into a laughing session, which is commonly associated with the release of feel-good hormones, such as Dopamine, Serotonin, etc., that contribute to mental well-being.

Word Games – The Best Genre to Challenge Minds!

Word games, renowned for their positive impact on mental health, offer a delightful blend of entertainment and cognitive exercise.

Engaging in word games, such as crossword puzzles and Scrabble, stimulates various cognitive functions, including memory, vocabulary, and problem-solving skills.

These challenges encourage players to think critically, boost their linguistic abilities, and enhance their mental agility. Moreover, the sense of accomplishment derived from solving word puzzles can elevate one’s mood and reduce stress.

DoonDookStudio offers a collection of top-tier word games, rivaling the most popular titles on platforms like Facebook Instant and app stores.

Within our offerings, you’ll discover captivating options such as Word Clues, DD Wording, Word Scape, Word Swipe, and more, all designed to provide your users with an invigorating mental challenge.

Tap-to-blast Games – Pops and Blasts as Therapy

Tap-to-blast games, with their simple yet addictive gameplay, offer numerous advantages for mental health. These games, like Candy Crush and Bejeweled, require players to strategize, think quickly, and make decisions under time constraints.

Engaging with such games can enhance cognitive skills such as problem-solving, pattern recognition, and spatial reasoning.

The immediate feedback and rewards provided by successful blasts can trigger feelings of accomplishment and boost self-esteem. It ultimately leads to a more positive mood.

In our store, you’ll find Blastify I and Blastify II, our premium games meticulously crafted with utmost care and passion.

These titles stand proudly among our best-sellers, a testament to their exceptional quality and the excitement they deliver.

DoonDookStudio’s Games, Improving Mental wellbeing Through Instant Games 

DoonDookStudio stands as a pioneering force in the world of gaming, committed to offering top-quality games that are more than entertainment. At the core of our mission lies a profound dedication to empowering businesses and enhancing users’ mental well-being.

All our games are created by the highest standards of the market, providing businesses with enjoyable and mentally beneficial games for their audience.

Our store includes some of the best games in different genres such as puzzles, arcade, word games, and Tap-to-blast games to improve cognitive functions and mental well-being. They also provide users with something that can entertain them for hours!

Also, if you have a specific mental game idea in your mind you want developed, we’d love to hear it.

The Bottom Line

The world of gaming is evolving, and mental health games have emerged as a powerful tool for enhancing well-being and cognitive abilities. Studies show the positive impact of gaming on mental health, making it a valuable addition to gaming portals and publishing platforms.

By offering mental health games, businesses can address the growing need for resources that support mental well-being. This user-centric approach not only engages players but also fosters emotional connections and loyalty.

Diversifying your content portfolio with mental health games aligns with the socially conscious demand for well-being solutions. It transforms your platform into a space that enriches users’ lives and enhances their overall mental health.

Different game genres, from puzzles to relaxation and multiplayer games, cater to various aspects of mental well-being. They provide users with tools to manage stress, improve cognitive skills, and forge social connections.

DoonDookStudio is at the forefront of this movement, offering top-quality games designed to empower businesses and enhance users’ mental well-being. By incorporating these games into your platform, you not only meet the expanding demand but also provide an enriching and entertaining experience for your audience.

So, whether you’re a gaming portal manager, a game publisher, or someone working in the mental health sector and want to add these games to your business, all you need to do is to visit our Mental Health games’ category, choose the game, and then contact us to discuss potential collaboration terms!

Equip Your Platform with the Best Mental Health Games!

From puzzles to word categories, we have games to improve your audience's mental abilities! Have a look at our mentally beneficial games!

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The Power of Mental Health Games – Benefits and Top Gameplays

Games for mental well-being have become a new kind of comfort in a rapidly evolving environment where the strains of daily life frequently have a harmful impact on our mental health.  These games have the potential not only to entertain but also to enhance well-being and improve cognitive capaci