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HTML5 Games for Seniors: Four Mind-Blowing Facts

Oct 13 2022
Pooyan Mp
Content Writer

Marketing >User Demographics

HTML5 Games for Seniors: Four Mind-Blowing Facts

Oct 13 2022
Pooyan Mp
Content Writer

Why should we concentrate on HTML5 games for seniors? Are they even interested in games? What types of games are appropriate for them? And how can we create a better, enjoyable life for these folks?

Best Collection of HTML5 Games for the Elderly

Contrary to popular belief, the elderly are pretty interested in video games. Moreover, as the first generation of gamers (those born between 1960 and 1970) enters old age, this number is multiplying fast.

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Today’s elderly are more intelligent and modern than their predecessors, yet they still have issues, deficiencies, and different physical and mental illnesses. So, when you choose a game for them, you should pay attention to essential things so they can have a good time playing.
In this article, you will learn why you should pay more attention to the older community and how to prepare games with decent user engagement that are also popular among this audience.

Amazing Collection of HTML5 Games Suitable for Seniors

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Elderly Gamers Statistics

The AARP has published an interesting article titled “Video Games: Attitudes and Habits of Adults Age 50-plus”, in which we find interesting statistics about elderly gamers.


38% of the elderly play video games. Older women are more interested in video games than senior men, with 40% of them playing games.
With a population of 1 billion older adults, it is possible to estimate that there are nearly 400 million elderly gamers worldwide.

non gamers vs gamers stats

Senior men gamers vs senior women gamersActivity

75% of gamers play once weekly, whereas 40% play daily.
Seniors who plat at least once a week

Favorite Genres

46% of elderly gamers prefer card/tile games, while 44% prefer puzzle/logic games. These two genres are significantly larger than the third-placed trivia/word with 10%.

Seniors' preferred game genres


Within the last six months, 22% of elderly gamers have made at least one game-related purchase.

Seniors who have made at least one video-game related purchaseHowever, given that this article was published six years ago, current statistics should be much higher than this figure. As time passes, the elderly will become more technologically savvy and up-to-date, and naturally, more will be interested in games.

What Are The Characteristics Of Senior-friendly Games?

In the article ‘7 Tips for Buying Profitable HTML5 Games License,’ we listed several general characteristics that make HTML5 games popular and profitable. With that in mind, games for the elderly should be tailored to their particular needs. Due to different physical and even mental issues, most elderly people cannot play games like the rest of society. They need more time to think, their movements are slower, their actions are less accurate, they have hearing problems, and many other limitations.
Knowing the characteristics of games that are appropriate for seniors will help you, as the manager of an online game portal or a VAS provider, enhance these users’ engagement and interest while adding more fun and enjoyment to their lives.

Using Clear, Sizable Graphic Elements

Vision loss and the inability to distinguish items of the same color or shape are two of the most common ailments in seniors.
Those who develop games for the elderly always try to use high-contrast colors and leave more space between items and elements.
Following this principle is crucial, especially when using interactive features. Doing so makes it much easier for seniors to distinguish the game’s elements, understand the user interface and gameplay, and to continue playing.

For example, Happy Connect, is regarded as one of the most enjoyable HTML5 games for seniors due to its large, recognizable tiles and standard user interface.

Using a Low-pitched Tone and Communicating The Essential Information Through Voice and Music

When designing games for the elderly, one of the most important factors to consider is the selection of SFXs and audio frequencies that are optimal for their hearing.
According to the article “Sensitivity to Noise as We Age” on the Kanhear website, which sells hearing aids, older people gradually lose the ability to hear higher frequencies.
However, fortunately, low-pitch sounds are much easier for them to comprehend.

Provide Detailed Information On The Game’s Requirements, Objectives, and Limitations

Many seniors have little experience working with computers or mobile phones, so they can’t play certain games without assistance. Imagine they come across a game without any tutorial. Of course, they give it a little shot, and if they’re lucky, they understand the plot and the game’s goals and continue playing, but the truth is that they give up most of the time.
A tutorial at the start of the game is essential for everyone, not just the elderly; However, this issue is more pressing in the age group of the children and elderly.

Due to their lower analysis and calculation abilities and unfamiliarity with electronic devices, these folks need some training before playing games.
If you are experiencing a decrease in user engagement in your business and believe that users are leaving your games too quickly, ensure that there is a basic tutorial in those games, particularly if you have very young or elderly users.

The video below shows how the tutorial in the Cross Path game helps older adults understand the game’s goals and mechanics faster.

Avoid Using Small Targets With Quick Movements

Aside from vision problems, another issue that the elderly face is hand tremors and decreased accuracy in locating and touching different objects.
Because of this, games designed for seniors should not include targets or other components that are too small or move too quickly.
Additionally, games that require precise aim and timing during the throw are thought to be particularly challenging for the elderly. Think about a game like ‘Archery’.
The user must land the arrow in the center of the target with only ten seconds to do so, and a light wind is blowing from the left. I bet your grandpa will aim for that tree in the corner.

Zero 21 is one of the well-designed HTML5 games for seniors. All the playing cards in this game are standard size, and any extra movements are avoided so that older adults can easily touch them.

Decrease Touch Sensor Accuracy

Decreasing the precision of the touch sensor is another way to improve senior gamers’ enjoyment of the games. As a result, touching the area surrounding a target or button is considered as clicking the button. Keep in mind that this necessitates a gap between every game element to prevent them from being touched simultaneously.

Allowing Enough Time to Complete a Task or Solve a Problem

Last but not least, make sure the game gives seniors enough time to think. They may be dealing with nerve, brain, or Alzheimer’s disease and cannot examine the situation as their younger counterparts. In senior games, it is suggested that the time required to complete an action be increased. However, you can gradually reduce this duration after the user has mastered the game.

Wordscape is one of the best HTML5 games for seniors. This game has no time limit in any of the levels, allowing the player to solve the word tables peacefully without any stress.

What Are The Benefits Of Playing Games For The Elderly?

Suppose we want to discuss the reasons and benefits of playing games in different age groups (children to middle-aged). In that case, we will eventually arrive at subjects like providing entertainment and education. For the elderly, however, the story is quite different.
Games can help seniors socialize, relieve stress, prevent mental illness, and provide entertainment. As a manager of an online game portal or a provider of value-added services (VAS), you should prioritize more than just financial goals and revenue generation. You should also care for the elderly and nurture hope and happiness for this vulnerable age group.

Reduce Stress And Improve Well-being

Games significantly impact the elderly’s sense of well-being and quality of life.
According to numerous studies, playing video games improves heart health and lowers the risk of panic attacks.
A study conducted on 140 people aged 63 and up found that both regular and casual gamers reported improved moods after playing the game compared to their non-gamer peers.
Additionally, studies on them have shown that, with a relative decrease in stress, they can live healthier lives regarding their mental well-being.

Improving Mental Well-being And Lowering The Risk Of Alzheimer’s

Another fantastic advantage of video games for the elderly is that they lower the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.
ّIn fact, playing video games enhances gray matter in the hippocampus, the substance crucial for guarding against Alzheimer’s disease risk.
A comprehensive study was carried out on three groups of older adults. They were as follows:

  • Seniors who play Super Mario 64 daily
  • Older adults who took piano lessons
  • Seniors with no new activities
    According to the study’s findings, the first group had a significantly lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease than the other two. It was due to an increase in gray matter.

Entertainment & Fun

I hope this article could convey some of the key advantages of playing games for senior people. But maybe the most important thing these people need from games is a sense of happiness and joy, so they can escape the monotony and boredom of old age by playing games.
According to elderly care center managers, there’s a lot of interest in video games among older adults. These managers said that’s because when they’re playing, they forget about old-age problems, and time passes faster. However, if you’re curious about the casual genres and their popularity for this age group, we have an article dedicated to that specific topic.


Contrary to popular belief, older adults are just as interested in video games as their younger counterparts. As mentioned eralier, 40% of the senior population are gamers. So, with over 1 billion people over the age of 60, the world has around 400 million senior gamers.
In this article, you learned what qualities games for seniors should have to accommodate their limitations. Some of these elements, like using sizable elements in particular colors, appropriate sound design, allowing enough time to complete a task, lowering sensory accuracy, and so forth, are crucial elements that can gradually boost user engagement and, ultimately, a game’s ROI.

Amazing Collection of HTML5 Games Suitable for Seniors

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