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7 Tips for Buying Profitable HTML5 Games License

Profitable html5 games

7 Tips for Buying Profitable HTML5 Games License

Paid a lot of money and after one day, you realized the game you bought is not a profitable HTML5 game. Then, you said to yourself “I’ll pay attention from now on!”. Next time, you decided to be careful when you buy an HTML5 game license, but again… you sucked!
Because of some reasons like lack of enough information or being in a hurry, sometimes we can’t recognize profitable HTML5 games.
You can reduce the probability of this problem by buying from trustful HTML5 game providers, but understanding the feature of good games can help you choose the best game that works for you.


best html5 games license providers

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Full review of the top 4 HTML5 game license providers.


Therefore, we provide comprehensive guidance to help you buy profitable HTML5 games for your online portal or P2E platform.

  1. Why Should I Pay Attention to Features of Profitable HTML5 Games When Buying HTML5 Game Licenses?
    1. User Engagement
    2. Limited Budget
    3. Retaining Current Users
    4. Attracting New Users
    5. Increasing Profit
  2. What Are the Features of Profitable HTML5 Games?
    1. Built By Popular And New Technologies
    2. Fast and Flawless Run
    3. Low Size
    4. Eye-Catching Graphics
    5. Appealing Gameplay
    6. Balance
    7. Store
  3. Conclusion

Why Should I Pay Attention to Features of a Good Game When Buying HTML5 Game Licenses?

When you decide to buy HTML5 game licenses, there are many reasons why you should pay attention to the features of good games for a portal. Each one of these reasons can be vital for your business or your manager’s criteria to evaluate you. Let’s review some of the most important ones together:

1) User Engagement

user engagement on HTML5 games

The most important reason to pay attention to the features of a profitable HTML5 game is that the games should be suitable for your users so that they would get more and more engaged with the games and while playing, they would pick to take actions that are profitable for you; actions such as:

Displaying More Ads

It may not be very surprising but if you evaluate and analyze your portal’s statistics, you realize that displaying ads has higher quality in users’ favorite games and the ads are more displayed in technically-flawless games.
Of course, you should remember that the nonstandard and excessive display of ads may harm user interaction. When we say more ad display, we mean standard and relevant ad display.

More in-Game Purchase

Just like the ad display, the possibility of in-game item purchases greatly increases when users are longer engaged in the game. Interestingly, the opposite can happen, too; the option of items to purchase can make users stay in the game longer.

More sharing on social media

Do you like users to show your game on social media using their personal accounts? Then, make it valuable! No one likes to pay for good-for-nothing items. So, by providing good games to users, make sure you send this message that “you enjoy playing this game, then share this pleasant experience with your friends!”

2) Limited Budget

efficient html5 game license

Surely, no one like to invest in something which is not worth it; especially when there is a budget limit. As an owner or manager of a business, you always look for saving budgets and resources and try to use the resources for things that are worth it. The games in your portal are not an exception. You need to be extremely careful in choosing them so they would be worth the spent money.

The Short-Sighted Mind

Our mind usually tries to evaluate itself by checking short-term goals. For example, a year ago, your middle manager prepared a report talking about purchasing content for the portal without saying anything about the quality of such content. In the short-term, everyone may be happy to make great savings when buying games, but no one can explain why the number of ad displays or in-game purchases has dropped over the past month!

3) Retaining Current Users

It is in human nature to desire diversity and get bored of repetition. Bringing new games to the portal partly meets this internal need of your users. However, you should note that the sole number of games is not a good benchmark for your portal to be up-to-date.
If you keep the quality of your games on a constant level or reduce the quality because of certain limitations by purchasing cheaper games, you are giving users the green light to go after the websites of your competitors. These users may say they’re content with your website, but they get attracted to your competitors’ websites when they see some new games that exceed their expectations.
So, you can always astonish your users by constantly observing the market trending games and choosing high-quality games. And this is how you boost their loyalty.

4) Attracting New Users

Attract new user by buying new html5 games

Why should people who don’t know you visit your website and play your games? For two reasons: (1) the recommendation by someone they trust and (2) getting hooked on the first look.
As I explained earlier, for the first case, you can add high-quality trending games and increase how many times your website links are shared on social media. This is how you attract more users.
But the second case happens when the user is redirected to your website by clicking on an ad link or Google results. The first moment of interaction between users and your websites and games is the most deciding moment for your business in their lifetime. What do you like them to see at that moment? A mediocre-to-lousy game or a game for which you have checked all the boxes and you’re sure is a great game?

5) Increasing Profit

Raise your profit by buying html5 games

If you carefully buy games for your portal and listen to what this article advises you to do, you can gradually gain the benefits I have already mentioned, and if these goals are realized, increasing your profit and income is the most obvious result.

Your Budget Is Not Unlimited!

Note that you need to have a certain amount of budget for buying games. While it’s true that buying high-quality games improves all sorts of metrics on your website, you don’t have an unlimited budget to buy these games. Your goal is to increase the net profit, but if you add to your output by imposing heavy and thoughtless expenses, your net income will decrease.

What Are the Features of Profitable HTML5 Games?

Now that you have realized why you need to be extremely careful when choosing games for your portal, it is time to know the criteria of a profitable HTML5 game. If you surf the Internet, you can find many articles about the features of good games, all of which are about publishing games in mobile stores, Steam, or Facebook, but none of them professionally investigates the features of good games for P2E platforms and portals. We made the following list just according to your needs:

1) Built By Popular And New Technologies

new technologies in developing HTML5 games

Users and players don’t care using which engine the game is Built. So, why should we care about game technology?

Finding technical experts

In addition to the fact that more modern games are more easily played on various types of devices, you need to add your personalized plugin or SDK to perform analytics, show ads, and make in-game purchases. So, paying attention to game technology can be vital for your technical team to take care of these options.
As well as, paying attention to the game technology can be very helpful when we’re trying to find freelancers for your outsourcing projects.

Reducing Costs

The older or the more unique the game technology, the harder the task of adding SDK and plugins, making small modifications, and personalizing the platform. And this problem can increase the expenses or the required time. So, you can reduce your costs by choosing games built with more general and up-to-date technology.

Most Popular HTML5 Game Engines And Frameworks

In the first look, it might be difficult to identify the technologies used in a game, but you can find what technology has been used in a game and whether it is compatible with the modern technologies and capabilities of your software team if you show some curiosity and ask some questions from the developer.
It is a hard job to name all the JS game engines and frameworks, but you can find below a list of the most popular ones with the more extensive audience and training sources:

Construct 3: The most popular 2D HTML5 game engine by 220k+ users. It’s adding 3D features but has a long way to go.
PlayCanvas: The most popular 3D HTML5 game engine.
Phaser 3: A JS 2D game-making framework.
ThreeJS: A JS 3D modeling framework that is used for game-making too.
PixiJS: A free open-source 2D engine to make animated websites and HTML5 games.
CreateJS: A suite of JS libraries to create interactive content like games.
BabylonJS: One of the most popular HTML5 3D game engines.

2) Fast and Flawless Run

Buy fast and flawless html5 games
Apart from the graphic, sound, or technology, perhaps the most important feature of a profitable HTML5 game is its speed and smooth running on various devices. If the game is not properly run, it doesn’t matter how great its other features are.

Test the Games on as Many Devices as You Can

Before buying a game, make sure it can be run and loaded on popular devices. Unfortunately, the only way is to test the games and devices in practice. Of course, some providers offer a list of devices on which the games have been tested. But you need to do it yourself just to make sure everything is working.
Remember to test your old games on brand-new OS and devices to make sure the games are still running properly.


responsive html5 games license
The game can be properly run on all devices. Is it still necessary for it to be responsive? One of the criteria of a good running game is the conformity between the layout, the size of the game elements, and the device screen. Imagine playing a landscape-mode game on a phone in portrait mode. The texts are too small to read and touching the keys becomes a nightmare for users. Or remember the black surroundings of a screen when you play a portrait-mode game on a desktop.
Keep in mind that responsiveness is not required, but it greatly helps with increasing user interaction. According to your players’ popular devices, you have to decide whether a game should be portrait or landscape but when a game is responsive you won’t have this challenge.


Has it ever happened to click on a button on a website or in a game and the button doesn’t change color or form? Or have you ever experienced gaining a good score and only a simple number with no attractive special effects has been shown to you? If so, you have definitely felt bad as it is not much enjoyable.
Polishing helps users to get a sense of satisfaction, right and wrong actions, or breaking the records. Technically speaking, polishing is the objects and animations in a game, which make playing the game satisfactory and enjoyable for the users without affecting the rules of the game.
When buying an HTML5 game for your portal, you should consider its polishing qualities because a good polishing quality has a great effect on user interaction and satisfaction, and eventually, on sharing the game on social media.

3) Low Size

Why should the size of a game matter if its graphics and soundtracks are already high-quality and interesting? Before users experience your game, they have to spend some time downloading it from your servers on their devices. That’s where the size of a game becomes important, and the faster the game is downloaded, the shorter the users have to wait, and the more the bounce rate increases.
The ideal average load time for a web page is under 2 seconds, this can’t be much more for an HTML5 game.

Watch the Server Speed

You should know that not everything is related to the game size. If your server speed is considerably low, the game size doesn’t matter because in that case, even if JS13KGames is on your server, users can barely download it!

4) Eye-Catching Graphics

Best graphic design for html5 games
The graphic feature sends the first message from the game to the user’s mind. Graphics will tell the user how much this game is worth playing. An eye-catching graphic design that is provided responsively can leave the greatest impact on users to continue the game.

Pay Attention to the Age Groups of Your Audiences

The first to third items can be implemented the same way for all types of audiences, but you need to note that for the other cases in the list, you need to focus on the age and social group of your audiences.
A graphic design of a game for 5 to 7-year-old kids is surely unsuitable for an adult puzzle game. So, when choosing a game for your portal, you should keep the age and social group of your audiences in mind.

5) Appealing Gameplay

The heart of every game is gameplay without which the game is meaningless. It is not an easy job to find a specific gameplay mode that is appealing to your users. You need to be able to put yourself in the audience’s shoes. Of course, you can mostly understand your audience’s preferences by taking a look at the statistics of each game style in your portal.
Fortunately, as there are numerous games with different themes, storylines, and mechanical features, you have many options to consider. For example, if you’re looking for a game in the educational genre, you can refer to reputable providers of HTML5 game licenses and find several games with different themes and storylines, or you can order a duplicate version of a popular game that you have seen on Google Play or Appstore.

Don’t Forget about Hyper-casual Games!

With their simple mechanics and gameplay, these games can attract a wide spectrum of audiences from gamers to non-gamers, children, and even mothers.
The quality found in these games is their super-simplicity of everything: gameplay, storyline, graphics, and even the goal to be achieved. These games were built to become popular among individuals who rarely play, and they have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Adding these games to your portal can diversify your audiences.

6) Balance

buy balanced html5 games
Have you ever looked at a beautiful painting and enjoyed it? Can you explain why the painting is beautiful? I, myself, can’t! This is the art of an artist who makes the elements to be proportionately aligned together and complement each other’s beauty and perfection. This is the exact thing that happens in the balance of a game. Users can’t explain why they keep playing and why they can’t let it go. If done properly, the game balance can lead to the game stages challenging users gradually as they become more difficult. Every time users need help, they receive a prize, and every time they get tired of playing, an unexpected event brings them back to the game.

What Should I Consider in the Game Balance Test?

When buying a game, you must play it as long as you can. You should also pay attention to how difficult or easy each level is, put yourself in the user’s shoes and keep the following items in mind:
Does the user receive adequate training tips at the beginning of the game?
Are the early levels easier than the subsequent ones?
Does the difficulty of the game increase as the user becomes more skilled?
Does the user receive guides or prizes when needed?

7) Store

In every game, this item is an optional one, and its absence doesn’t harm the game, but if there is a store, users can gather coins or scores to customize the game setting, use various game items, etc.
The store persuades users to continue playing and makes them experience less monotony in the game.

Purchase Using Real Money

In addition, an interesting store in your game can persuade users to buy the items that can be purchased with real money, and it can result in your profitability.


In this article, we reviewed the best practices when you decide to buy a profitable HTML5 games license. In the beginning, we realized why paying attention to the good games’ features is important when buying HTML5 game licenses.
Afterward, we performed a quick worthy assessment on the most important things you should care about when buying profitable HTML5 games for your online portal/P2E platform.
We recommend making a checklist of the tips when buying HTML5 game licenses. Keep in mind, that buying games from reputable HTML5 game license providers can greatly improve your decision-making power.
After a while, relying on these rules you’ll realize some changes and improvements in the statistics and profit of your online portal or P2E platform.

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