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10 Best Selling HTML5 Games Bundle – Special Offer

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Get the Most Popular HTML5 Games of the Market, with a 40% Discount!

Introducing DoonDookStudio’s bundle of the 10 best seller HTML5 games among our most recent customers. Since we design and develop our games carefully with market trends (stores like AppStore and Google Play) in mind, this bundle’s games, due to their popularity and appealing gameplay are among those that can enrich and improve your game portal or platform considerably!


Also, we’ve chosen 10 games that have been proved to increase your platform’s engagement and MAU. That equals more profitable and better outcomes from your monetization efforts.


Best seller HTML5 games bundle is a fantastic offer for publishers and managers who are interested in having a handpicked collection of top-notch games at an incredible price.


In fact, purchasing this bundle can save you up to 40%, or $3790. Compared to purchasing ten popular games separately, which would necessitate visiting and contacting several providers, resulting in extra expenses!


It’s also worth mentioning that if you are new to game portals and game publishing, this package won’t help you much. Instead, we suggest having a look at our Economic Bundle and Starter Pack Bundle. Both of them are great for those who want to fill their new gaming platform with a high number of games!


That’s not all though! We also offer a full set of complimentary services like White Labeling, Reskin, Localization, API/SDK Integration, etc. 


That means you can give all the games a COMPLETE new look with your business’ own branding and logo!

Get this bundle today and set your platform ready for competition!

Parking Way is a 3D casual and puzzle game developed by DoonDookStudio. You play the role of a driver in this game, and your objective is to park the cars in a specific spot. Does that sound easy? Well, it isn’t. The number of obstacles, the difficulty of the cars’ placement, and the number of cars you need to park in a designated area increase as you complete missions. Also, watch out that your controlled cars don’t run into each other. Parking Way features country music, complementing the game’s gameplay and atmosphere nicely.... see more


  • Age Rating: Between 3 to 7 Years Old
  • Both Leveled & Endless Modes
  • Eye-catching 3D & 2D Graphics
  • Well Chosen Music & Soundtracks
  • Both Responsive & Unresponsive Displays
  • Popular Gameplays
  • Size: Between 3MB to 6MB

Want to Receive Additional Services on this Game? Good News! We Provide Everything You Need!

White Label Games

Make our games yours by putting your logo in them.

Implement SDK/API

Have your own SDK? We’ll implement it into our games easily & fastly.

FB Instant Games

All of our games are compliant with Facebook Instant Games.

Reskin Games

Change the games' theme, artwork, music, etc. so that they align with your business goals.