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Free Birds – Shooter HTML5 Game

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free birds html5 game free birds html5 game free birds html5 game free birds html5 game
Engine: Construct 3
Orientation: Landscape, Portrait

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Special Hyper-Casual Game With High User-Engagement!

Freebirds is a casual puzzle game featured on  DoonDookStudio’s game store. It comes with two modes: Leveled and endless.
In this game, Birds are trapped in cages, and you must use a bow and arrows to set them free. Using your aim and arrow power, you must shoot the cage’s rope holding the birds to free them and pass each level. The Leveled mode of the game includes several stages (between 2 and 5), while in the endless mode, the player starts with five lives (hearts), and for each unsuccessful shot, they lose a life. The game will continue as long as the player has a life.  There are also items in the game known as extra arrows that help you progress through the levels.

Parking Way is a 3D casual and puzzle game developed by DoonDookStudio. You play the role of a driver in this game, and your objective is to park the cars in a specific spot. Does that sound easy? Well, it isn’t. The number of obstacles, the difficulty of the cars’ placement, and the number of cars you need to park in a designated area increase as you complete missions. Also, watch out that your controlled cars don’t run into each other. Parking Way features country music, complementing the game’s gameplay and atmosphere nicely.... see more


  • Age Rating: 3+
  • Level Mode & Endless Mode
  • Minimalistic Nature Theme & Environment
  • Upbeat Music
  • 30 Fun and Challenging Levels
  • Responsive
  • Size: 7.5 MB

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