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Jigsaw Casual – HTML5 Puzzle Game

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Engine: Construct 3
Orientation: Landscape, Portrait
Play Mode: Mouse, Touch

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Special Hyper-Casual Game With High User-Engagement!

Jigsaw Casual is a puzzle that is not as difficult as most others. In this game, you must complete the picture by placing a puzzle piece in place on each turn. Because of its images, game environment, and relaxing music, this game is suitable for both children and adults. There are 50 pictures to solve in this puzzle as well.
In addition to the above features, the game includes a gallery where you can view and replay your completed puzzles.
There are three levels of difficulty in the casual jigsaw, and the size of the puzzle board changes depending on the level of difficulty. After about 15 to 20 seconds of inactivity, the game will provide a useful tip.

It is worth mentioning that all the photos used in this puzzle are bought legally. However, if you’re interested in changing the images, we can do that for you.


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  • Age Rating: +5
  • Leveled Mode
  • 50 Images to Solve
  • Three Difficulty Levels
  • Auto Hint
  • Responsive
  • Suitable for Children and Seniors
  • Size: 23 MB (with pictures)

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