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HTML5 Game Localization: An Opportunity to Access Larger Audience

Nov 21 2022
Pooyan Mp
Content Writer

Products & Services

HTML5 Game Localization: An Opportunity to Access Larger Audience

Nov 21 2022
Pooyan Mp
Content Writer

Have you noticed that user engagement varies by region? Do you have any ideas for a solution allowing visitors worldwide to play your games for longer? In this article, we’ll introduce you to HTML5 game localization. Suppose you’ve created or have decided to buy your new HTML5 game (License) and want to distribute it in different markets.

Learn How Rovio and Other Famous Developers Localized Their Games for Different Audiences!

As we all know, other regions speak different languages. So, if your game is available in their language, people will show more interest in downloading it, but if the characters and plot don’t fit their culture, they’ll be less inclined to spend much time on it.

In such a scenario, if users can understand the game, they’ll spend more time playing and come back more often to entertain themselves. That way, you can expect them to stay on your platform longer than usual.
So, how can you make your games more appealing to those with different cultures and viewpoints? Well, game localization is one of many solutions.

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Want to Know How Games Like Angry Birds and Temple Run Have Been Tailored for Different Cultural Preferences?

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What is HTML5 Game Localization?

So, what is game localization? It is the process of converting the existing content to a new target locale, both linguistically and culturally. It is used in many industries worldwide, including the rapidly growing and changing game localization industry. But it’s a bit trickier than it sounds!

Multi cultural couple

In general, “localization” refers to the process of reskinning games, not for individuals but rather for the cultural preferences of an entire population. Video game localization is changing your game or app to work well in a different language, culture, or region. 

Localizing a video game to the target market’s language, culture, and geography can be the answer to success in a foreign market. Therefore, it is essential to translate the game, but this translation should also include localization. The game’s localization will give the player the impression that it was made specifically for them.

The Witcher 3 game is an excellent example of a successful game localization. All aspects of a successful localization, including visual, audio, and cultural elements, have been considered in this hardcore game.

The game’s localization is so good that, in some markets, it could be mistaken for a game developed locally rather than an adaptation. 

Evey localized version of this game has received praise for its voice acting.

What Are the Benefits of HTML5 Game Localization?

It is crucial to re-design games in a way to enhance the experience of users worldwide. Because of this, HTML5 game localization becomes a critical aspect to think about. Large software companies today view localization as an increasingly essential activity.

As the video games market grows and expands, localization allows companies to enter new markets and expand their possibilities.
However, below are the benefits of HTML5 game localization:

1. Larger Target Market

Although changing or translating the games’ language isn’t the only aspect of game localization, it is a major one. Around 20% of the world’s population communicates in English. 35% of gamers are native English speakers, followed by 24.5% and 12% for Chinese and Russian, respectively.

Therefore, it is reasonable to conclude that localizing games allows for entry to new and larger markets and more users worldwide.

2. Offer Unique Experience to Players

When the users come across their daily routine’s traditions, landscapes, and cultural customs, they’ll feel you have built the game only for them. When employed appropriately, cultural and social features in an HTML5 game provide the player with a sense of familiarity and intimacy with the game environment and its mechanics. Because of this, users are likely to spend more time on your portal or game.

3. Increasing User Engagement & Retention

As you know, user engagement refers to any interaction that users have with your brand, website, game, or app. On the other hand, user retention means the user’s continuous use of a product or feature.

Therefore, the direct relationship between these two is not a surprise.

If a game has the correct elements and all the socio-cultural principles adhere to their target customers’ tastes, users will spend more time in the game. Because they enjoyed your game, they will come back to entertain themselves more often.

Want to Know How Games Like Angry Birds and Temple Run Have Been Tailored for Different Cultural Preferences?

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4. Increased Sharing Rate on Social Media

After the elements and components of a game have been localized, the user will be more inclined to share your product with their friends, acquaintances, and even fellow compatriots due to familiarity and affection for the in-game content.

Friendswatching video on their phones

That’s because they may encounter a cultural event or a place they’ve visited. Their real-life memories urge them to share that with others. We all have been there, haven’t we?

5. Increased Sales

The purpose of all business measures is to achieve more profit and income. Generally, when you enter the global markets and the user enjoys your game, and when you see your product sharing rates increase, there is no doubt that your income increases substantially.

As you know, revenue is more than the most prominent tool for achieving your business goals. As you may already know, increasing sales is a proven method for reaching your financial objectives.

What Are the Essential Aspects of Video Game Localization?

The following are the essential components of any video ga

me (HTML5) localization:

Visual & Graphical Elements

Wordscapes, as you may know, is a crossword puzzle game in which you form words out of a series of letters. With those letters, you connect them to create a word that, if correct, will complete the crossword.

Amirsa Game vs. Wordscapes

The left picture is from the game “Amirza,” the localized version of Wordscapes for Persian culture.

Both games’ core ideas and gameplay are the same; however, the localized version has been modified in terms of cultural-historical elements, characters, and the game’s soundtrack and has undergone localization for Iranian players’ taste.

Textual Elements

Localizing textual elements of a game means translating everything in-game in a way that conveys the same message in two different languages: Idioms, dialogues, subtitles, guides, instructions & tutorials.

Harvest Moon English vs. Japanese Version

For example, Harvest Moon is a Japanese farming simulation franchise game developed by Victor Interactive Software and released in 1999. In the global version, the language of the game is English, and the character is a boy.

In 2005, Victor Interactive Software published a Japanese version of the game Harvest Moon: For girls, released only in Japan. 

As you would have guessed, all linguistic and textual components of the Japanese version have been translated into Japanese. However, although the l

ocalized game features the exact game mechanics as in the global version, the game’s storyline has been modified to suit the culture of Japanese players.

Audio Elements

Audio elements include the game’s soundtrack, music, sound effects and voice-overs. Changing the game’s audio to fit the target audience’s cultural standards is crucial.

Regional Format

Have you noticed that in racing games made in the US, the speed metric is generally miles per hour (MPH) instead of Kilometers per hour (KPH)? Or, sometimes, the date displayed in the game does not match the format you’re familiar with and may confuse you.
Scaling metric, centimeter
These are regional differences that, depending on the target market, should be localized under regional format.

How Can You Order Game Localization Service from Us?

  1. Initially, you need to browse our store and choose the game that you wish to localize.
  2. Contact us using the form below and specify what you require.
  3.  Our experts will contact you via e-mail, provide free consultation and request a list of the changes and adjustments you want, along with your desired timeline.
  4.  We will go over the changes you require and do an evaluation.
  5.  After that, we’ll get in touch with you to notify you of the achievable timeline and associated expenses.
  6.  As soon as we reach an agreement on the timeline and expenses, the game localization process begins.


Many factors, like graphics, visual elements, characters, storyline, gameplay, etc., have an influential role in user engagement and retention. If done correctly, these factors can appeal to and attract many players. But that’s not all. Localizing a game and region-based customization of the mentioned factors can significantly boost your games’ user engagement and retention.

However, as mentioned above, game localization is one of the best tools to pave your game’s way to success. It can create a sense of cultural and regional affinity in the user, and function as a complimentary engagement booster, making the game experience much more enjoyable and resulting in greater user engagement and retention figures. 

It’s no surprise that the more the user feels a cultural connection with the game, and the more they are exposed to music and elements familiar to their region’s culture, the more likely your game will succeed in new markets and attract more people. 

Also, remember that to localize a game correctly, you must familiarize yourself with the target language, culture, and customs or seek assistance from the target region’s locals.

Undoubtedly, the higher the number of users and the level of user engagement, the higher your profitability. 

If you’re curious about other tools and methods to attract new visitors and retain them, you may want to know what our services are. With Christmas on the horizon, you can also check out our article about HTML5 Christmas Games.

Want to Know How Games Like Angry Birds and Temple Run Have Been Tailored for Different Cultural Preferences?

Don't skip our free PDF guide to the most popular game localization!

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