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Arcade Shooter game

DD 2K Shoot – HTML5 Arcade Shooter Game

USD 149

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    Quick info


    DD 2K Shoot is an addictive HTML5 Shooter game. In DD 2K Shoot you must shoot and merge number balls.
    Also you have 3 feature to play and enjoy more:
    Bomb: Destroys all balls in its neighbourhood.
    Blade: Destroys all balls in its way.
    Lightning: Destroy a line of balls. Very helpful when you stuck!

    With a cute graphic design DD 2K Shoot will be very interesting for kids and merge lovers.The arcade shooter game is ready to play or sell, if you interested to purchase contact us.

    Additional Information

    Age rating: 7 and Up.
    Responsibility: Full Responsive
    Game Mode: Single-Player
    Controls: Mouse / Touch
    Game Engine: Construct 3