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DD Alpha Balls – New Word Game

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    Quick info


    DD Alpha Balls is an new HTML5 word game with a cool idea in teaching new english words to its audiences.

    In this game you have a challenge with a question that wants you to find all the words about it. in the meantime you can make meaningful words to add to the dictionary. DD Alpha Balls raises your level of public information.

    After solving a level you will get a letter of category mystery so try to discover the mystery of each category by going through next levels.

    The game has 5 categories about art, celebrities, sport, geography, foods, routine tools in our life, etc.

    The game benefits of a cool graphic design that can excite anybody.

    The game is very customizable! We plan to add several categories in the near future to the new word game and also If you have any idea about the categories or levels please contact us.

    “Also you can want us to remove default categories or levels and add your own categories and levels.”


    Additional Information

    Age rating: 8 and Up

    Responsibility: Responsive – Portrait

    Game Mode: Single-Player

    Controls: Mouse / Touch & Keyboard

    Category: Word, Puzzle

    Game Engine: Construct 3