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DD Wooden Slide – HTML5 Puzzle Game

USD 60

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    Quick info


    A very addictive HTML5 new puzzle game that can keep your users entertained for hours. It also has several options that make the game easier and more attractive for the user.
    1. Hammer: To destroy any tile, you can drag the hammer and drop it on that tile.
    2. Shredder: This option breaks down large tiles into smaller ones.
    3. Destroyer: This option destroys a row of tiles in the game.
    As you can see, the price of this game is very reasonable due to the special graphics, attractive mechanics and various options. Contact us to buy this game faster.

    Additional Information

    Age rating: 6 and Up

    Responsibility: Responsive – Portrait

    Game Mode: Single-Player

    Controls: Mouse / Touch & Keyboard

    Category: Puzzle

    Game Engine: Construct 3