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connection game
html5 connection game

Connection – HTML5 Connection Game

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    Connection is a simple addictive puzzle html5 game. In this game you have to connect the dots with the touch so that no point is left unattached.

    Every dot has a specific color and the lines that come out of it have the same color too. There is a source dot where the lines come out from. You should fill all the dots with the same color lines.

    It gets more difficult when you go to next levels. This puzzle game is so amazing and the colors of background and dots change in each level. You will definitely enjoy this game.

    Game Source Code is completely available on our store.

    By purchasing this connection game you get construct 3 source code (c3p) and 6 months of support and after buying the game you can implement your own brand logo and links.
    All the assets of Connection are designed with DoonDookStudio including graphic design and music.

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    Additional Information:

    • Age Rating: 5 and Up
    • Responsibility: Full Responsive
    • Game Mode: Single-Player
    • Controls: Mouse / Touch
    • Game Engine: Construct 2 / Construct 3