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HTML5 Game Reskin Service – Our Proven Method to Boost Your ROI Quickly

Apr 16 2023
Milad Emad
Co-founder & Sales

Products & Services

HTML5 Game Reskin Service – Our Proven Method to Boost Your ROI Quickly

Apr 16 2023
Milad Emad
Co-founder & Sales

If you’re currently developing and publishing games, you should take note of the following article, which is all about the HTML5 game Reskin service.

It has the potential to change your perspective on building games from scratch. Have you ever considered a customized and personalized game or wondered how a re-skin game could bring you closer to your goals with less cost and faster speed?

How do we offer this service to increase our customers’ revenue?

Previously, we provided a comprehensive definition of re-skin and its advantages. If you are unfamiliar with the term, we recommend reading that article first.

Take Action Today and Get in Touch with Us if You Think Our Reskin Service Can Elevate Your Business!

However, in essence, reskin is a synchronization service that aligns a game with your goals, resulting in a customized and profitable game that can meet your specific needs.

In the following sections, we will delve into the details of the re-skin service we offer, highlighting the specific goals our customers have achieved with this service. How do we re-skin a game to fit your needs and goals, and why should you choose us?

Before answering these questions, it’s important to determine if this service can create a positive change for your game development goals.

Table of Contents:

Why Should You Utilize This Service to Accomplish Your Objectives?

Your goal for using and promoting a game probably falls under the following cases:

  • Maintaining and increasing user engagement
  • Increasing interaction with your platform’s audience
  • Introducing your brand and increasing brand loyalty
  • Targeting a community or group with unique behaviors and characteristics for a specific goal
  • Introducing and advertising a product or service to the audience

Considering your goal, imagine a game that uses your organizational color and reflects your brand, from game objects and environments to sound and music, or designed and created according to any goal you have in mind.

Don’t hesitate to use reskinning as a cost-effective and faster way to publish such a game compared to creating it from scratch. Our Mr.Gun case study discusses this service in detail.

So why choose our reskinning service?

Why Should You Consider Using Our Reskin Service & What Sets Us Apart From Others?

Our focus and dedication to providing exceptional products and services are reflected in the quality and improvement of our store games, as attested by our loyal customers.

Below’s the statement of one of our satisfied customers:

Dom Bruno, President at DAB3Games LL

I’ve been purchasing HTML5 game licenses from DoonDookStudio for well over two years now. They always create high-quality games and are extremely easy to work with!

Since 2018, we have been actively involved in this industry and have achieved the following milestones:

  • Developed over 130 practical and popular games
  • Acquired knowledge of all existing gameplays in the market, tailored for various purposes
  • Produce new games each season customized to the preferences and needs of your audience, either through Reskin or from scratch.
  • Collaborated with major companies, which provided us with invaluable insights into what games are preferred by audiences.

These features make us an ideal partner to assist you in achieving your goals. With our extensive experience, you can trust us to choose and reskin your game to help you progress toward your objectives.

Our reskin service is specifically tailored to your audience’s preferences, your brand, and your organizational culture to meet your goals.

It includes the following:


The graphics of a game are the most critical component that changes in reskinning. It is the aspect of the game with which the audience interacts the most.

We ensure your graphics are fully synchronized with gameplay and mechanics by carefully customizing them to meet your preferences and needs.

Game Animations

We need to alter animations in the reskinning process to enhance the user experience and create high interaction in line with the theme and atmosphere of the game.

Sound and Music

Choosing appropriate sound and music in a game plays a crucial role in setting the scene and creating the desired atmosphere, ensuring that the game environment is engaging and the gameplay is easily comprehensible.

We meticulously modify the sounds and music of the game by changing the theme and skin of the game.

By reviewing the games available in our store, you will notice the alignment of the above features with the gameplay of the games.

Game On or Game Over!

Bring your game to life with our game reskinning service. Our team will work with you to create a unique and visually stunning game. Contact us today to get started.

Take Me There!

How Do We Improve Your Business Using Reskin Service?

Our efforts to improve your business involve activities related to reskinning game apps. Take a look at what we do in this area to understand how we can help you and how this service can benefit you.

Various Events

To retain and attract more users, we offer various events (summer, winter, Christmas, Halloween) and games released on our store every season, including games suitable for each event.

Check out our reskinned games to see how we coordinate the game’s theme with the event: (link)

Knife Hit Vs Halloween KnifeSpecial Objectives like WAM Company

We reskinned the Mr. Gun game upon the request of Digitap Company, which received very positive feedback. The game’s charitable purpose attracted over 25,000 players, who played it more than 15,000 times, making it a tremendous success.

Check out the case study of Mr. Gun to see how we could help them achieve their goals.

Game-focused Campaigns

We offer gaming-oriented campaigns for special events, such as the one held by for Easter.

We created the Space Shooter game with an Easter theme and introduced the Concord brand. Games can potentially attract a large audience in a short time and create high interaction, making them an ideal choice for campaigns. (Screen Shot from the games)

Improving Game Quality

Some games have popular gameplay but may become outdated or boring over time.

Alternatively, you could implement more attractive and beautiful themes and graphics to regain the game’s popularity and create high user attraction and engagement that you can count on.

For example, we can introduce the recently released game “Car Out” on our store as a fully reskinned game with a different theme.

We decided to reskin the gameplay of “Blue Block,” which was previously available on our store, into another game due to its low quality but popular gameplay.

How to Order Reskin Service?

Below are the steps to order reskin service:

Step #1. Game Selection

Firstly, you need to choose a game from our store. Suppose you’re unsure which game to select for your reskinning, or even if you’re having trouble deciding, you can count on us.

Discussing your goals and challenges with us before game selection allows us to offer a narrower list of games that better suit your needs and important parameters.

Step #2. Document Submission 

For reskinning games, we need to understand what you want clearly. For example, if you’re planning to design a game for Halloween with your brand, we need to know about the changes you require, your target audience, your brand, and more.

You can convey this information to us in the form of a meeting and document so that we can start the work after the necessary reviews.

Step #3. Timeline and Cost Determination 

After the necessary reviews, we’ll announce the timeline and costs details to you. After your agreement, we’ll sign a contract, and the work will start immediately.

Step #4. Support

Generally, our games have a 6-month support period to solve any potential bugs or minor changes. If you’re using a specific game for a game-based campaign, we’ll be with you from the start of your campaign until the end.

I have provided a detailed explanation of our reskinning service to help you make an informed decision about how it can benefit your business. If you still have any doubts or require further consultation, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I am always ready to assist you and provide the necessary guidance.



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