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Platformer Game in Construct 3 + Full Source Code

Platformer Game in Construct 3 + Full Source Code

Hi guys,

Today I’m here with a new video and this time I’m trying to support the beginners. Platformer is one the oldest and most popular game genres that was famous in the 90’s. “Super Mario 64”, “Donkey Kong” and “Sonic the Hedgehog” are precious memories of that time. 

But today, after the appearance of Hyper-Casual games and their awesome games, we can say that the platformer games are coming back again. A game like “Flappy Bird” can be called as the pioneer of this time. I believe the gameplay is so close to the platformer genre.

Anyway, today’s video is about a dinosaur who wants to reach its love. But there are a lot of obstacles in its way. It should pass the hills and valleys and evil enemies to make its love happy. Creating this game is so simple. If you are familiar with the Construct 3 game engine, you can make this game easily in 30 minutes.

If I want to talk about the issues you learn in this tutorial, I should first mention the “Platform Behaviour”, which we haven’t talked about before in this channel and is so useful in these kinds of games. 

The next item that can be so practical is learning how to work with animations in Construct 3, which we use in all of the game for the dinosaur’s movement. These animations include Die, Jump, Run, and Idle.

Also, today we will talk about how to work with Tilemap and how to make the game environment by that. 

One of the other things that every platformer game needs is following the character by the camera, which can be challenging for beginners. But don’t worry! Today we will talk about this, too! 

Finally, as we have mentioned in the previous videos, DoonDookStudio’s team is so eager to share their knowledge in game making with others. Your help is required in this way. Please let our network grow by subscribing to the channel and sharing our content with your friends so that we can get familiar with more enthusiastic people.  

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