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Top 4 HTML5 Games License Providers (Comparison)

May 09 2022
Mosi Qari
Co-founder & CEO

Buy HTML5 Games

Top 4 HTML5 Games License Providers (Comparison)

May 09 2022
Mosi Qari
Co-founder & CEO

In order to buy and get a game license, we usually face issues like fair pricing, good quality, profitability, license content, access to different categories and genres, as well as a large selection of games.
But perhaps the biggest issue is something else: finding the best HTML5 games license provider. Since there aren’t many reputable license providers, the first and most important step for purchasing and preparing HTML5 games for portals is finding a credible license provider.

100+ High-Quality HTML5 Games Ready to Be Published on Your Portal

HTML5 games aren’t as well known as mobile games or console games, especially when you’re searching for them. A lack of knowledge about the best options available on the market can cause confusion.

So, in this article, we will try to introduce you to some of the largest and most respected HTML5 game license providers.
Join us and learn about the top four HTML5 game license providers.

Join us and learn about the top four HTML5 game license providers.

Table of Contents:

Best HTML5 Games License Providers

1) DoonDookStudio: Proper Quality, Reasonable Pricing 

DoonDookStudio was the youngest of its competitors, it has been able to keep up with the big names by making proper and adequate HTML5 games at a fair price and providing quick and extensive support. Due to our extensive products and services, today, we can count our game studio as the best HTML5 game license provider.

DoonDookStudio’s customers include Samsung, Famobi, Jeel, Goama, Rusk Media, and Digitap.

doondook html5 game license provider


DoonDookStudio provides a range of HTML5 game services that can help you in customizing games for your business goals. Some of them include reskin, white label, FB Instant Games, localization, and even custom HTML5 games development.

Games Bundle

DoonDookStudio continually offers fantastic deals for those who plan to purchase numerous games at a very reasonable cost. HTML5 game bundles can save users up to 80% off the final price. Saving money and time is the key benefit of these packages.

More than 100 High-Quality HTML5 Games

All the games in the DoonDookStudio store are suitable for Online Game Portals & P2E platforms.

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DoonDookStudio’s license is the most comprehensive among competitors. It allows the game to be published in 1 domain/app and includes up to six months of free support.

blastify html5 puzzle game


Customers who purchase DoonDookStudio’s products receive free support for six months, which they can renew anytime. This team provides game support quickly after receiving a customer’s request.


When compared to the studio’s competitors, DoonDookStudio’s games offer excellent value for the money, while the quality of our games matches or exceeds that of theirs. The game price in their store is between $199 and $1299.

Games Variety

DoonDookStudio is always trying to provide the best and most appropriate games for different ages, such as kids or the elderly, or events like Christmas or the World Cup. They do this by researching market needs and paying attention to the audience’s tastes.

2) Buy.html5games: #1 of Quality

doondookstudio rivals

The largest publisher and creator of HTML5 games, Famobi, is the parent company of the website

This website, launched in 2014, features over 200 different games and is the largest HTML5 game license store after MarketJS. Its store is becoming a highly trustworthy choice for getting HTML5 game services thanks to well-known clients like McDonald’s and Disney.

Additionally, if you require additional services like reskinning, you must purchase an Extended license from this store.


It is possible to say that offers the highest-quality games among the competitors. As a result, their website is a good choice for companies and people who, no matter how much the game costs, want a very high-level game in terms of gameplay, graphics, and story.

doondookstudio rivalsVery High Price

Garden Bloom is a high-quality game that costs at least €22.500! Would you be willing to buy it?

It is only the cost of purchasing a game license; if you want to customize the game to suit your goals, you may need to spend far more.

Unfortunately, this store hasn’t said anything regarding the price of its services. But don’t worry, this store has a lot of games of acceptable quality that are available for less than €1000, usually their older games.

License publishes on three different platforms using three different licenses. According to this website’s FAQ page, you can get a Non-exclusive service to publish a game on your website/app.

In addition, to publish on Facebook Instant Games, Google Play, or the App Store, you must obtain an exclusive license that can cost up to €279,000!

This store’s licenses include the game’s source code and the ability to implement your brand or SDK.

Unlike MarketJS, does not provide a revenue share license. In addition, if you require extra services like Reskin, you should purchase the Extended license from this store.


There is no information about the time and service that includes support on the website.

Free Link Without License

You can embed the games on your website using the URLs on their website, which also makes each game available for free use without a license. However, remember that you can’t modify the game’s source code, which means you cannot integrate your SDK to display adverts or do analytics within the game.


100+ High-Quality HTML5 Games Ready to Be Published on Your Portal


3) MarketJS: Various Games & Services

MarketJS is one of the most up-to-date and extensive stores for purchasing HTML5 game licenses, with over 500 games, eight mini-games, and about eight new products added monthly.

The business has been operating since 2011 and has attracted a significant customer base by providing medium-quality games. It’s worth noting that MarketJS is one of the earliest providers of HTML5 game licenses.

html5 games link without license

The company, which has been operating since 2011, has been able to attract large customers by offering quality games.
MarketJS can be considered one of the oldest providers of HTML5 game licenses.

Product Variation

Almost everybody can discover the game they want at this store thanks to the extensive collection of games with different genres and technology.


MarketJS games are often priced between $699 and $2999, which seems relatively high, but you can save up to 80% by bulk ordering the games.  Their website doesn’t explain how to use this discount or how much you can save. You can reach out to them to learn more.


best doondookstudio games


One of MarketJS’s drawbacks is the limited license which you can only use in one project (app or domain).

There’s no modification done; all of this is in the case that you will not have the game source code and most likely will only have the HTML5 code of the game, which is obfuscated.


With so many games, MarketJS is a market leader in providing a wide range of services to its clients, and with around 17 different service categories, it provides the most diverse range of HTML5 game services.

Game Feed API

game feed api

You can use this MarketJS service if you own or run a website that gets millions of visitors every month. You can add the company’s games to your website via the Game Feed API for a monthly charge or as part of a Revenue Share arrangement.


The MarketJS website did not provide any information on length or support services.

4) CodeCanyon: Beginner to Expert


A massive marketplace comprises individuals and teams ranging from beginners to professionals constantly developing and selling digital goods, including HTML5 games.

At the time this article was being written, there were 4450 games published in CodeCanyon, the majority of which were very basic or partially finished templates.

Products Variation

Due to the presence of many individuals and teams at CodeCanyon, this store’s creators’ diversity is unquestionably more significant than its competitors.


pro billiard muscle ssPrice

You may purchase a game here for just $4 due to the abundance of amateurs in this market, which has driven down pricing. ($1 for bundles!) However, as the game’s quality improves, prices can potentially rise to $200.


The following is the CodeCanyon standard license for all products in this store:


envato author license


Depending on the developer’s preference, CodeCanyon products can have support for 0 to 6 months, which clients can extend to 12 months by paying an additional fee.  However, you should not expect professional support with any product. Beginners who may leave this store after a short time have no obligation to support their products. Remember that you typically receive support from a single individual rather than a company or team.


If you’re considering buying games from this store, we advise looking for experienced and professional people who have positive feedback from their customers. These people provide more dependable products and better and more thorough support services.

Which Provider Is the Best for You?

It’s tough for us to suggest the best option that’s a perfect fit for your needs. Each store can be ideal depending on your business’s brand, demands, budget, and personality. However, the following comparison chart may be helpful:


best html5 games license providers

Online Game Portals & P2E Platforms

You’ll need a lot of high-quality games, which will require a lot of time and money. Purchasing high-quality bundles can be a very cost-effective alternative for you. I recommend DoonDookStudio and some CodeCanyon developers like “Muscle-SS” and “Regarding” for long-term cooperation.

infinity bundle by regardingBrands

Most likely, you have enough money, and your main priority is to purchase high-quality games with decent support from an experienced team. In this case, I suggest you avoid CodeCanyon altogether and purchase from, MarketJS, or DoonDookStudio, depending on your budget. All three of these stores will supply you with high-quality games.

Enthusiasts & Learners

If you want to change the code on your own, you probably don’t need to worry about support; therefore, you can buy from CodeCanyon without worry. You can get any template you like for a small price.

Everything Is Up to Your Priorities

Finally, using the following table, you can select the store you like based on your preferences and priorities:

best html5 games license providers



To help you make a choice, we tried to introduce the top HTML5 game licensing suppliers in this post from our perspective.  All four stores mentioned above are one-of-a-kind and work hard daily to create good quality games for their clients. It’s your circumstances and goals that determine which one is the best.

If you are unsure which store can genuinely help you in your decision-making or what type of game will benefit your business, don’t hesitate to contact us so we can guide you.

More than 100 High-Quality HTML5 Games

All the games in the DoonDookStudio store are suitable for Online Game Portals & P2E platforms.

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