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DoonDookStudio, Web Game Provider: A Partner for Business Success

Nov 05 2023
Milad Emad
Co-founder & Sales

Products & Services

DoonDookStudio, Web Game Provider: A Partner for Business Success

Nov 05 2023
Milad Emad
Co-founder & Sales

In 2018, DoonDookStudio was founded with the goal of offering game publishers and game portals high-quality game content. During this time, we’ve been getting to know you and your business requirements. As the providers of popular and trending games for your platform, we strive to help you grow your business.

Our efforts over the past few years in the web game industry have resulted in over 100 games in different categories, as well as support for numerous portals and publishers by offering content that works with their platforms.

If you need consultation for obtaining suitable game licenses for your platform, Contact us!

Table of Contents:

I gave a brief introduction to the primary use of web games at the beginning of this article. Learn how we can help you and where to start:

What Businesses Use Web Games?

You are probably familiar with some of the notable qualities of web games that have led to their adoption for various purposes by businesses and organizations; I’ll list a few of them below:

  • They’re compatible and work well with all devices.
  • They’re browser-based and do not require a specific operating system to work.
  • There’s no need for downloading or installation.
  • They’re lightweight and quick to load.

However, the businesses listed below are the ones that use web games the most, and if your company is one of them, you can count on DoonDookStudio to provide top-quality game content:


1- Game Portals

These portals, which typically make money from in-game ads, are always in need of various categories of web games. In order to attract a larger audience, they should always stock their showcase with popular and trendy games. Since the start of our business, we’ve been adding new, popular games to our portal on a regular basis to make sure we can meet all of your needs.

The purpose of this article is not to discuss the characteristics of successful portals. Still, you should know that in order to thrive, portals must pay attention to some points in their management, including targeting a specific audience, analyzing users, and recognizing their needs and preferences.

You’ll find valuable tips for that purpose In this article: 7 Tips for Buying Profitable HTML5 Games License


2- NFT and P2E Platforms

These platforms are similar to portal games, with the exception that they focus on publishing games in which the user interacts more with the buying and selling of options and boosters and maximizes the use of in-game currency.

Here are some examples of these games that we developed to meet the requirements of NFT and P2E portals.

Have a look at the most suitable games for NFT & P2E platforms, here.

Games that work well on these kinds of platforms where real money is exchanged will be discussed in greater depth in another article.


3- Non-Gaming Businesses

Due to the flexibility and ease of accessibility of web games, businesses now use these games for various purposes.

Games, in general, are an excellent tool for increasing user interaction and attraction, and what business does not want to increase user interaction and attraction?

Businesses use these games in branding, product launches, game-based campaigns, and other marketing initiatives.

To learn more about the use of games in branding, read the article “Games for Brands“.

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4- Game Publishers

Publishers on significant platforms like Facebook, WeChat, and many more frequently have to deal with the challenge of publishing games that appeal to the tastes of their users. Because of that, they must publish appealing games in order to generate an adequate profit from advertisements.

Therefore, when producing a game, we always try to pay attention to the demands and input from the publishers.

Valeriio, Publishing Manager at Inlogic.

Collaboration with DoonDookStudio has definitely lived up to our expectations and helped us get multiple great titles to millions of players. Their commitment to creating exceptional content, openness and prompt response to our needs make them one of the top-quality partners with whom we work. Full recommendation for working with DoonDook Studio, a reliable and trustworthy partner.


5- Entertainment Systems (IFE, ICE, ITE)

Given the ease of implementing and presenting web games on a portal, as well as the easy and low-cost accessibility of these games, it is not difficult to think that they could be very useful for entertainment in any sector. For example, in the recently popular entertainment systems for airplanes and vehicles.

Web games are easy to use and can be accessed from the back seat of a car or an airplane, both online and off. It is interesting to know that BMW uses web games as an instrument to keep people entertained in their cars.



What Companies Have We Helped in Achieving Their Goals?

1- Providing games for online game portals 

We started out by providing web games for online game portals and we’re fairly experienced in this field. Alongside that, we also offer starter pack bundle for those who want to launch their new game portal. Our store offers over 130 games across various genres, all of which were released in response to customers’ and the market’s demands. Many of our games can be found on portals such as Y8, GamePix, Lagged, and others. By consistently offering appropriate games, we have gradually won the partnership and trust of gaming portals.

  1. Our high-quality games at GameDisteribution
  2. Our games on the popular GamePix portal


2- Providing content for P2E/NFT platforms

With the rise of NFT platforms and the adaptability of web games for these sites, our games were not overlooked on these platforms. Now, we can quickly customize our games for any P2E platform.

Companies like Wam, GemUni, and Rusk Media have experience working with us in this area.

Our games are available on the gaming platforms owned by these companies.

Anca Tamas CPO at Digitap (

It’s been great working with DoonDookStudio team, they are super skilled and were receptive to our feedback.
They were quick to edit all the details regarding the Ukraine vs Putin game (this includes the creation of the game design document, research on the leaders we’ve featured in the game, music, and sounds), the graphics came as requested and the development of the game took less than a month.
Even though the first version we got had a bug here and there, the team was responsive and quick to fix them.


3- VAS companies

Recently, we started working with a company in the field of VAS. The target community was the customers of MTN South Africa, and we are going to release a large number of web games of different categories in that country.


4- Providing Games for Children’s Entertainment and Education Platforms

In response to market demand and the needs of specific customers who work in the fields of education and entertainment for children, we developed games in the genres of children and their education.

Here are a few examples of our work: Kid’s Games

In this regard, we collaborated with Jeelapp. Jeelapp is a platform aimed at educating and entertaining children in the Arabic language, and we’ve provided games for this platform, educational puzzle games appropriate for children.


5- Games for Cultural, Political, and Charity Purposes (Mr. Gun game for Digitap)

About three years ago, when we were producing web games for a portal, we received a request from Digitap that we had never expected.

As a part of our services, we redesigned the Mr. Gun game for the Ukraine-Russia War campaign to support the Ukrainian people and oppose the war. You can read about the project’s details in this article:  “Ukraine vs. Putin”


6- Game-oriented Advertising Campaigns

One of the uses I mentioned earlier is the use of online games for various business purposes.

Instant games are used by businesses as a campaign to foster competition and customer interaction with the goal of selling or introducing products and their brands because of their attractiveness and entertainment value.

In this case, we provided Concordbank with an Easter-themed game; you can check out the game here: Space Shooter


7- Preparing Games for Game Publishers on FB Instant Platform

As many of you are aware, one of the alluring methods to make money from web games is to publish them on significant and attractive platforms like Facebook Instant, which has drawn the interest of many publishers.

As a result, we prepared ourselves by preparing our games for the Facebook instant game platform, and we were able to provide suitable games to companies like 7Game and One X Game. The specifics of our collaboration with 7Game are detailed “100K Players in Just a Few Months

The games that are listed in our store are prepared for release across all platforms. This is the feature that allowed us to create flexible games on the web. We only need to know what features you require and the platform you want to publish the game on. We can create a custom version of any game for you to publish on a game platform such as Facebook Instant. Contact Us


Experience High Levels of Engagement Like Never Before!

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Where to Start?

The goal is that if online games can be useful for your business in some way and be effective in achieving your goals, it is better to have an expert team by your side and accompany you in this field.

If you run a web game portal and want to attract more users, communicating with us could be an excellent way to improve your game content. That’s because:

  • We are constantly trying to produce games according to your needs and preferences.
  • By providing comprehensive services, we’ll provide you with the perfect product compatible with your platform.
  • We will help you by providing suitable content in the blog, solutions, and approaches to improve your portal.

To begin a win-win collaboration, take the following steps:


1- Contact Us:

The first step toward achieving a mutually beneficial collaboration is for us to have a clear understanding of your challenges, needs, and goals. So stay in touch with us and share more information about your requirements. Contacting us via LinkedIn or site forms is the quickest method.


2- Providing Specifics

Once we have a clear grasp of your requirements and expectations, we will formally start working toward your objectives. In general, our clients have two major concerns:

Choosing the right games:

We offer you a detailed list of games that are reliable and customized to your needs and preferences while keeping your budget in mind.

Preparing the games for your platform:

Getting the games ready for your platform: We provide comprehensive services on the games to customize them to be compatible with the goals of your platform. You can check our service details HERE. In this case, you can contact our technical team for advice on your needs and the project implementation process. Contact us.


3- Sharing a Free Sample

To ensure that you have a clear understanding of the quality of our games and know what you are getting when you purchase a game license, we provide a free game for testing. To test them better, you can publish this sample game on your portal for free and take on the practical challenges of publishing online games.

Here, you can get this game: Free Sample Game


4- Starting with a Game

Due to the large variety of games in the store, our customers usually ask for a lengthy list of games with different customizations; however, sometimes, it’s unclear to them if we are able to customize this many games for their platform.

For this purpose, we will immediately start customizing a game for publication on your portal after agreeing to ensure the correct functioning of the game on your portal.


5- Support

After we deliver your games, we’ll be with you all the time. If you have any challenges, tech issues, or requirements during your business journey, all you need to do is to reach out to us.

We will be there for you from the start of our partnership to ensure that our games run properly on your portal. We will fix any bugs and make changes to the game as part of our support, but if you require more extensive, expert changes, we can handle them for you as well.

Just provide us with a document detailing the changes and what you want changed.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Do We Deliver to You?

We deliver you the finished product, which is an HTML5 game file that you can play without downloading by simply uploading to your local or remote server on any device!


  • What Services Do We Offer?

All our efforts are to be able to prepare the game according to your needs with comprehensive services so that it is compatible with your portal. Our services:


  • How long Do Our Support Continues?

We are always available to support and assist you in running games and keeping your portal updated, and if you require any remarkable changes, we will make them for you.

You can always rely on us to update your portal and address any potential bugs in the game.


  • What Do Our Games’ Licenses Include?

We provide a single-domain license, which our clients typically use to publish games on a portal or project.

However, the license can be upgraded if someone needs to publish the game across multiple portals and domains.

One thing to remember is that you only need to obtain a license for our games once and that this license does not expire and you can keep it on your portal indefinitely.

Experience High Levels of Engagement Like Never Before!

Whether you're looking to increase engagement, retention, brand awareness or foster loyalty among your audience, we've got your back! Click the button below and consult our experts for FREE!

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